You’re in your 20s and you’re not investing—what’s stopping you?

First quarter of 2017 is nearly over. How are your New Year’s resolutions going so far? It’s supposed to be the year of taking big chances, eating healthy or saving for the future. But you started to lose track in the middle of it, especially when it comes to finances. Your expenses are becoming demanding. And before you know, you have compromised even your savings allocation.

urban-205986_1920Whether it be short-term or long-term, building a solid foundation of one’s financial future reaps a lot of benefits if realized in the early years. However young adults who are now making decisions about what to do with their money haven’t considered yet about their investment outlook, thinking it’s too risky. What happens then? They tend to spend more on short-term pleasures and compromise possible long-term investment growth in the process.

If you’re in your 20s and has thought of—at least once—where to grow your income, then read on. Opportunities on how to bring in more money remain countless. But with the current situation of the growing market, real estate is the best way to start.

  1. Time as your strongest financial asset.

They say it’s never too late to begin investing, but the sooner you do so the better. Investing in real estate at an early age gives you more time to let your money sit and grow, to let the market sort over time. The cash you’ll invest in your 20s is worth exponentially more than the cash you’ll invest in your 30s or later, especially when you found a unit at a great pre-selling rate.

When you decide to earn from rentals, you have better chances on investment profits. Even if it takes a while before your money starts generating interests, once it does, those interest payments can be reinvested. Think of it this way: before you reach a traditional retirement age, you’ve already maximized your time in studying the best investment options and growing your money therein.

Investing in 20s

  1. Steady income, less obligations.

At least half of the workforce will come from your generation, mostly 20s-30s who form part of the millennial group. Thus aside from having the benefit of time, you’re also in the most flexible years of adulthood. You have a steady job, stable income, and less financial obligations. Condo payments may take a big part of your salary, but there are more ways than one to earn (plus getting a bank loan is easier).  If the time permits, which is most likely yes, look for sidelines and freelance work as extra source of income.

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  1. The resources at hand.

In any investment, especially ones that require millions, research is very crucial. You’re investing a lot, so you want value for your money. There’s no other way to find out than doing your study— Where do you want to invest? What’s the current situation of the market? Is the location accessible and convenient? Now with all the information presented right on your digital screen, you have an advantage in educating yourself. Review trusted websites, blog subscriptions and online forums—the internet has a lot of real estate knowledge! Learn about the investment process and best options with maximum returns.

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Let’s face it. Everyone is getting old. You may still be nervous in taking the chance to invest in real estate but rest assured that when you do, you’ll be glad you started. Investment in its own nature is a risk, but your age is still an advantage when you make mistakes because you can still recover. In real estate, you can gain serious wealth, only if you’re patient enough to hold on despite the ups and downs in the market.

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Author: Kesiah Alvarez


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