Waking up all 5 senses: How mornings are made better in McKinley Hill

If you’re the type who loves to sleep in, getting up in the morning becomes a dreadful habit. But studies show that people who enjoy the A.M. tend to be happier, more positive, and more productive. The key? Wake up in a place where you can immediately engage all five senses at the sound of your alarm clock.

In communities such as McKinley Hill, every morning can be any kind of beautiful you want it to be; the fresh scenes in this romantic township make the loveliest wake-up calls. Here’s how McKinley Hill taps into the five senses, whether you’re a morning person or not:

Sight: Sunrises and Venetian architecture

There’s nothing more magical and energizing than seeing how the sun greets you over the horizon. Open the window or get up on a rooftop to watch the city wake. As you enjoy the signal of a new day, indulge in the warmth of McKinley Hill’s Mediterranean architecture—from the replicas of world-class landmarks such as St. Mark’s Tower to the façade and landscapes of your neighboring homes.

Sound & Smell: Birdsongs and morning breeze

Despite its contemporary approach to urban living, McKinley Hill remains a little paradise where you can find a special corner that’s close to nature. The morning breeze from trees in the garden and near the balcony sets you up for a calmer day. During these wee hours also, you can hear birds sing their dawn chorus, which are louder and livelier at 5:00 A.M. Bird songs are nature’s alarm clock, and listening to these sweet melodies can stimulate your brain and create a state called “body relaxed, mind alert.”

Taste: Quick caffeine or big breakfast comfort

Preparing meals for breakfast can be tedious, but it’s not a thing to worry if you’re close to restaurants that serve breakfast meals. If you need a little booster, may it be coffee or bacon and eggs, you are sure to find a lot of shops around McKinley Hill for your quick breakfast fix. Fast-food restaurants are open 24/7 at The Venice Piazza, as well as some coffee shops near the mall such as Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Denny’s, Wicked Waffle, and UCC Clockwork.

Touch: Walkable spaces

The sensation of touch on skin makes the body more alert. So one of the first things to do is to drag yourself from those tangled sheets and move around your room. Get your blood flowing! Your unit may be spacious enough but there’s also a lot to explore outside. Go out for a walk (you don’t even have to change clothes), stroll with your puppy, and greet your fellow morning persons with a smile or high five. As you go around, you’ll see that McKinley Hill will always be looking at its best, packed with extraordinary scenes and masterpieces at every turn.


Author: Kesiah Alvarez


Kesiah is the Jr. Supervisor for Marketing Communications for Megaworld at The Fort. She handles brand strategy, concept development, and media management. She is a graduate of BA Communication from Miriam College. Kesiah is also an avid fan of the local music scene and enjoys watching sci-fi and romcom movies.

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