Thriving at work with GRIT

Hard work, determination, passion, and innovation are among the many words that we always hear when successful people talk about their careers. One quality that is important but often overlooked is grit. Based on the best-selling author Angela Duckworth, grit is the passion and perseverance for long-term goals and is about working on something you care about so much that you’re willing to stay loyal to it. It is the ability to move forward and stay committed despite adversities. Individuals with high levels of grit persevere more to become excellent than those who remain complacent about their innate talents.

Thriving at work with grit, Megaworld Sales Careers

Knowing about grit, I have come to realize that it is a quality that we must develop, especially now that we are embracing the new normal. We have been facing tough times in the past months because of the pandemic. We have seen businesses close down, many losing their jobs, and workers who have already shifted to telecommuting. While we are working at home, it is the right time to grow our grit and keep the fire burning to achieve our long-term goals.

Here are five things that you can do to thrive at work with grit:

Thriving at work with grit, Megaworld Sales Careers1. Know your purpose.

If you already know your passion, don’t stop there. Find a deeper sense of purpose or meaning in what you do and use it as a driving force to succeed. You need to be aware of how you can contribute to the common good. By doing these, all days will be spent working productively with a high sense of fulfillment. 

Thriving at work with grit, Megaworld Sales Careers2. Practice, practice, and practice.

Once you have established your goals, you need to find ways to accomplish it. This may sound cliché, but I believe that nothing beats hard work. Instead of dwelling on what you cannot do, think about the necessary steps on how to develop it. Gritty individuals master their skills with consistency and effort; they look for more ways to learn and to prevent repeating the same mistakes in the long run. 

Today’s successful people also began their careers from a vision alone. They formulated a plan, had several trial-and-error attempts, and eventually improved the outcome. Their efforts and headstrong persistence have made them experts in their chosen fields. Similarly, you can become an expert in your profession once you start working for it wholeheartedly.

Thriving at work with grit, Megaworld Sales Careers3. Persevere and stay focused.

One of the challenges in thriving at work is losing the motivation to continue when things get tough. We often find ourselves pondering what went wrong instead of focusing on what we can do to make it right. According to Duckworth, grit comes when we persevere to achieve our long-term goals. We have to focus on our purpose, strive to become better and be relevant every day.

Thriving at work with grit, Megaworld Sales Careers4. Cultivate a growth mindset.

Another way to remain focused at work is to understand the outcome of every situation. Recognize your thoughts, notice what you did well, what you learned, and what you can do to improve. You have to keep on learning from every decision that you make, for it has an impact on your success.  

Thriving at work with grit, Megaworld Sales Careers5. Stay committed.

Above all, you must stay committed to what you are doing. Duckworth emphasized that grit is working on something that you are passionate about to the extent that you stay loyal to it. Having a sense of flow and momentum while doing your tasks will enable you to finish ahead of time. Your commitment will help you succeed and push you to reach the peak of your career, despite difficulties.

Author: Jilliane Dimaano


Jilliane is a Training and Recruitment Associate for Megaworld at The Fort. She handles the hiring process, trains incoming Property Specialists, and facilitates company events . She is a graduate of BA Behavioral Sciences from University of the Philippines Manila. Jill is also a health enthusiast and has a deep passion for nutrition and wellness.

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