The Five Most Suitable Light Fixtures for Condos

The Five Most Suitable Light Fixtures for Condos

Lighting offers a big contribution when it comes to making your condo more appealing and comforting. It’s a great advantage to have a lot of natural light as well as lighting fixtures that improve the mood of your place.

Choosing the right kind of lighting for your place will depend largely on the aesthetic you want to achieve. However, beyond how they look, these fixtures fall into general categories. When shopping around for a light, make sure that it matches the room. Certain types work better in specific areas of the condo and you’ll want to be sure you get the perfect match.

Here are some characteristics to keep in mind when getting your lighting right:

White or Yellow Light – Condo fixtures can come in different hues. White lights offer good visibility for dark areas. Yellow lights are perfect for creating a cozier mood or highlighting areas of the apartment.

Flush or HangingFlush lighting means that the fixture is embedded into the wall or ceiling, while a hanging light will dangle over the space. A semi-flush is somewhere between the two.

Large or Small – This will depend on the space you have handy. Condos typically do well with small to medium-sized lighting fixtures.

Now that you’ve worked out the features and size you want for your condo, you can begin to explore the different types of fixtures out there. Styles range from classic to elaborate or transitional so you can take your pick from a wide variety.

Rail Lights

Rail Lights for condoThese fixtures are so-called because they come as a row of lights attached to a single bar or track. The rail attaches to the ceiling or wall and the separate fixtures can be adjusted to highlight certain areas of the room. They look best in living rooms where you can focus on sculptures and other decor or use them to create any type of mood you want. If you have shadowy nooks and crannies in need of a little light, these are your best bet.





If you have corridors in your condo and a lot of wall space, you might want to light them up with sconces. In bedrooms, they mix well with ceiling lighting, so you can switch between both, depending on what you need. These are lighting fixtures that provide minimal light and are meant to add drama to a place. Brighter effects can be achieved by adding more of them or changing the bulbs to those that provide a whiter type of illumination.


Pendant lighting interior designPlaces like a kitchen or a home office require good lighting. You can emphasize task areas with pendant lights. They dangle over tables and center islands to offer you just the right amount of light for whatever it is you’re doing at the moment. Most pendant lights are highly decorative, so they can also be used to help you complete your design scheme.





As opposed to pendant lighting, chandeliers involve more than one bulb. They also offer a lot more light and are generally elaborate in design. Condos involve a limited amount of space, so a 6-foot glass creation might look better in a loft-type set-up or a place with high ceilings. You can use them as a centerpiece for the dining area or living room, somewhere people will notice right away.

Pin Lights

Pin Lights for roomsThese are normally used more as accessory lighting than anything else. They work well in the bedroom, hallway, or rooms that require a more mysterious or intimate mood. You can also use them to add to existing lighting schemes in other places around the condo.

Now you’re ready to add the proper lighting to your space. Though these may be some of the common practices, feel free to invent your own. Much like condo design and decor, the way you choose to light up your place is entirely up to you.

What’s your favorite lighting scheme and in what room? Tell us in the comments!

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