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Megaworld introduces augmented reality property tours

Megaworld, a pioneer in the Philippine real estate industry, blazes a trail once again, with the country’s first 3D augmented reality property app. That sounds really high-tech, but what does that mean for people who are looking for a home? Anyone who’s ever gone house-hunting knows that there are some things you can’t find in […]

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The Secret Tunnels of Fort Bonifacio

Fort Bonifacio is the epitome of modernity. This busy megacity, touted as the Philippines’ next business capital, is home not only to multinationals and embassies, but also trendy clubs, restaurants, and glamorous boutiques. It is poised to grow even further, thanks to an infusion of investment from the country’s largest real estate developer, Megaworld Corporation. The […]

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4 Best Places to Buy a Condo in Metro Manila

It’s hard enough to spend 9-12 hours at the office, worse still if you start and end your work day with a one-hour drive or longer. In fact, a recent study showed that a lengthy and stressful commute time found that the longer people drive to work, the worse off their cardiovascular health is. Long […]

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