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If you are working in the area or spending some leisure time with your friends, you can never go hungry when you’re in McKinley Hill. This European-inspired community is bustling with all kinds of food places. Here’s a roundup of food stops we love and if you haven’t tried any these yet, pick a date and time to visit them soon!

Meat Lovers’ Paradise

Zark’s Burgers. You know there’s great food when a place is always packed. If you are dying to eat some beef, then this is the best place to go to. This hole-in-the-wall resto is the ideal spot for enjoying great food and conversations with friends. Are you a bacon lover? Try their Jawbreaker – this baby has two large beef patties, bacon, and a slice of spam!

Lucky’s Burger & Bar. If you’re the type who Instagrams food before every meal, you’ll have fun clicking your smartphone’s camera at Lucky’s. Using chopping boards etched with their brand instead of plates, everything they serve looks extra pretty. A must-try is their Lucky Burger, standing tall with its double beef patty and double bacon topped with sliced cheddar cheese, mixed lettuce leaves, red onions, and tomatoes. Truly a feast for the eyes and the palate.

Main Street Restaurant. This Canadian-American eatery inspired by the Pacific Northwest cities of Vancouver and Seattle doesn’t disappoint. Take a break from burgers and try their Grilled Steak – Kitayama flank steak and fried egg laid on herbed rice. Cooked medium rare, the strips are nicely charred on the outside and pink and juicy inside.

Where to Get Your Sugar Fix

Sophie’s Mom. Stressed and needing a pick-me-upper? Walk into this quaint, pink place and feel the world become so much better! Coffee lover? You will love their Boston Creme Pie cupcake, light chocolate cake filled with espresso syrup and cream and topped with vanilla frosting with coffee powder sprinkles. Another favorite – Dark Chocolate Terrine with Salted Caramel Crème cupcake, not too sweet and mixed perfectly with the salted caramel frosting.

Louisiana Doughnuts & Co. This little café sandwiched between two buildings serves delicious doughnuts and pastries. You have to try their beignets – crunchy and mildly sweet pastries dusted with powdered sugar. These are the perfect companion to a hot cup of coffee.

Auntie Anne’s. At the McKinley Science Hub Tower 2 is Auntie Anne’s newest concept and outdoor store. Get your fill of any of their crowd pleaser pretzels with your choice of caramel, chocolate, cheddar cheese, and cream cheese dips. Whether you go for sweet or savory, their pretzels go perfectly well their old-fashioned lemonade.

Healthier Options

Detoxify Bar. Who said healthy food can’t taste good? Detoxify Bar is living proof that good food can taste great. Their angel hair pasta is light, but still very satisfying. They also serve fresh pressed juices made from organic fruits and vegetables. A great place for those looking for healthy, detox food.

Mr Bean. Prepare to experience soy like never before! Mr Bean gets its soybeans from an exclusive farm in North America which are non-GMO and are identity preserved. Going beyond the usual taho and soya drinks, their Watermelon Fruity Soya is a refreshing fusion of watermelon and soya, perfect on a hot afternoon or after a workout. Similar to Japanese style pancakes, their Cream Cheese pancake is made with soy flour imported from Singapore and filled with salty cream cheese. You should also try their soft-serve Soy Ice Cream, a healthy alternative to ice cream.

Coffee or Tea?

Black Canyon Coffee. Whether you prefer coffee or tea, Black Canyon Coffee has it. Their signature Black Canyon Coffee is served hot or cold. Originating from Thailand, you have to try their famous Thai iced tea “cha-yen” – Cha Thai Yen (Thai iced tea with milk) and Cha Thai Yen Frappe. Aside from the signature BCC coffee, other bestsellers include the Hot Espresso and Cappuccino.

Moonleaf. This popular milk tea shop is everywhere, and it’s about time that they set up shop in McKinley Hill. Tea leaves that Moonleaf uses for its drinks are carefully sourced from Taiwan. Aside from basic tea and milk tea drinks, Moonleaf also serves fruit refreshing fruit-infused drinks that you can enjoy hot or cold. Milkslushes are also some of their crowd pleasers. And while you’re in Moonleaf, check out their baked goodies of brownies, cupcakes, cookies and cakes, best indulged with their drinks.


SINS Chocolate Shoppe. This small shop is simply sinful. Walk in and choose from a wide array of chocolate goodness with over forty flavors and variants. Indulge in SINS classical praline range – Grand Cru, brandy, and dark truffles – or try their exotic lines, such as Durian, Mango, and Lavender. You will love Grand Cru – dark chocolate with rich ambrosial flavor. Toast is a potent liquid-centered chocolate that’s perfect for celebrating. Aside from Swiss chocolate bars and pralines, SINS also offers cupcakes that are equally sinful. Try their Belgian chocolate cupcakes.

Whatever you’re craving, it is definitely here in McKinley Hill. Do you have anything to add to the list? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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