Single vs. Double – What Type of Unit Suits You?

Single vs. Double unit

Size is a prime consideration when purchasing a condo unit. Major property developer Megaworld at The Fort, for instance, gets many inquiries regarding apartment dimensions and variants. Are you the type of person who’s happy in a studio type apartment or would you prefer a double-bedroom sort of place? Is one really better than the other? Without the proper assessment, you might end up with more room than you know what to do with or a place that’s much too cramped.

Choosing the dimensions of your space depends entirely on your needs. You need to take several factors into consideration before deciding to settle on your new home. Here are a couple of questions you should ask:

What’s in Your Budget?

Understandably, additional space means a much higher price. Remember that costs extend to monthly dues which are computed per square foot. The difference between a studio apartment and a double bedroom place is quite substantial. You might want a double bedroom, but if your finances don’t allow you’ll have to settle for something more modest. Conversely, if you have more than enough to purchase extra room then by all means, do so.

How Many People will Live There?

The number of occupants is major factor in determining whether you buy a single or double unit. If you’re staying in the apartment alone, a studio or single-bedroom option might be your best choice. Families and groups of more than two would probably fit better in a two-bedroom apartment. There’s also the matter of privacy to consider. There might just be two of you but if you prefer your space, a two-bedroom might work in your favor.

How Long are You Staying?

The amount of space is also dictated by the time you’ll spend occupying it. Are you using the place as a momentary home-away-from-home or are you staying here permanently? It isn’t worth it to spend so much on multiple bedroom situation if you only utilize it less than half a year. If you plan on using the apartment 24/7, make sure to invest in a comfortable option with enough room for you to build a life.

What Amount of Effort Will You Put In?

A condo will require clean-up from time to time. If you’re the low-maintenance type of person, then a small condo will suit you much better. Opt for a bigger apartment if you’re willing to hire cleaning services or actually have the patience to put in the required work. Big or small, a dirty place is no way to live.

Are You Housing Pets?

Owning a cat or a dog is a game changer for those considering a one or two-bedroom condo. Depending on the size of your furry companion, you’ll want to allocate enough room in your apartment. Small pets that less than 3 feet tall require little space and can function in studio or single-bedroom set-ups. If you want bigger animals, double bedrooms or a place with balcony space will probably work much better.

Planning on Investment Opportunities?

If you’re turning your unit into an investment and renting it out, note that space will be a consideration for your tenants. Put yourself in their shoes and figure out what type of space will be a more lucrative option. This will also depend on the type of area your building is located in. Surrounding schools and offices will mean added opportunities with students and office workers who would consider the single bedroom as a more budget-friendly option. Family-friendly neighborhoods are the chance to rent out a double-bedroom for those looking for a spacious apartment.

It pays to think twice before you sign your name on the dotted line. Make sure that you’re buying just the right amount of space to suit your needs.

What type of unit do you think suits you best? You may contact our property consultants to help you decide!

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