Simple Ways to Keep Your Condo Organized

organizing condo

Does having a smaller space really mean less mess? Current property development trends are moving toward more streamlined units in answer to increasingly busier lifestyles. Megaworld at the Fort is only one of those who prioritize compact, yet spacious apartment spaces.

However, no matter how tiny your condo is, there’s still a possibility that things can get disorganized and, subsequently, misplaced. Organization is a constant practice that helps you keep track of all your belongings for when you really need them.

Since you have limited space, purchasing additional storage might not be the most feasible option. The key to organizing your condo is making use of everything available. Another advantage is of de-cluttering small spaces is that you don’t and shouldn’t have to spend that much. All it takes is some general know-how and a little brain power to get yourself out of a messy situation. Use some of these best practices to store your stuff and keep your place disaster-free and under control.

Utilize All Available Surfaces

Doors and walls can help you in your quest to get organized. Attach hanging pegs or shelves onto these surfaces and use them to store jackets, shoes, and other things. Opt for fold-up shelving or stick-on hooks you can install and detach as needed. They’re pretty handy for getting everything out of the way when you need your place to look pristine.

Divide and Categorize

It’s time to break out the label-maker and put it to good use. You can utilize a single space to store all kinds of things by making the proper provisions. Use metal or plastic dividers to section of the space for different things. For example, one part can be for dish towels, one for bath towels, one for rags, and so on. You can also use labels to help identify where everything goes.

Regular Total Clean-up

Once in a while, do a complete overhaul. We’re not talking about cursory cleaning but getting rid of the junk you’ve accumulated over a prolonged period of time. If you can’t immediately make use of something, toss it out or find it a new home. Coordinate with other people in the building and try to organize a garage sale for all your used belongings. Not only will you get rid of stuff you no longer need, you’ll make some extra cash too.

Do Some Dual-Purpose

If you’re the type who likes thinking out of the box, you’re apt to find an alternate purpose for everything. Whether it’s drawers installed into the side of your bed or a pile of books turned into a nifty bedside table, things become a whole lot more useful with a little creative know-how. Visit some online sources and check out the latest DIY projects, you can turn anything in your condo into a handy organizer. You can also turn your most essential furniture, such as beds, into alternate seating or storage to save space and keep things organized.

Open Shelves and Closets

One advantage to keeping everything in plain sight is that you minimize the hassle of having to rummage. Imagine putting everything into a drawer, taking it out, putting it in again, and so on. It’s a vicious cycle and losing patience is inevitable. Once you fall into the habit of “I’m-just-going-to-fix-that-later,” you’ll end up losing track of things. Open storage eliminates the problem by giving you a good look at what you need for easy retrieval.

It takes twenty-one days to form a habit, so use that time to practice your organizational skills. Once you get into the daily practice of keeping your space clean and orderly, you’ll be making life much easier for yourself.

Do you have tips on how to become more organized? Share with us your tips in the comments!

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