Sales 101: Becoming a top real estate specialist in the new reality

The sales profession has become challenging in the new reality. The market has shifted to e-commerce and the restrictions brought by the pandemic have taken away the sellers’ ability to do face-to-face meetings. Being in real estate may not be easy, especially in these times, but it does not mean success is impossible.

With the right knowledge and drive, combined with effective marketing strategies, you’ll reap the rewards of professional development and excellent income. Below are some tips to guide you to becoming the best real estate specialist in the new normal.

With the right knowledge and drive, combined with effective marketing strategies, you’ll reap the rewards of professional development and excellent income.

1. Have an entrepreneurial mindset. Think of this as your own business, and try to find the right strategy in producing more outcomes with minimal costs. Your success also lies in your ability to attract potential leads and convert them into actual clients. Always remember to nurture them for they will be your business partners.

2. Be a digital marketer. In this new reality when consumers have transitioned to online buying, investing in digital marketing platforms has become a must for businesses. Boost your online presence and focus on creating touchpoints with the end goal of generating sales. As a basic requirement, equip yourself with personal smartphones or laptops, and a stable Internet connection to get started.

3. Keep learning. Just like in any field, knowledge is power. Continuous learning keeps you ahead of the competition. You need to be a real estate expert and know more than just the properties you sell—learn about the industry, market trends, and purchasing behavior. Attend virtual webinars and training sessions when you can, because when you learn more, you earn more.

4. Don’t be afraid of the quota. Does your quota matter? Absolutely. Should it scare you? Definitely not. Think of it as a motivation; it’s your best measuring tool to see how close you are to your goals. It helps in creating your game plan and devising your strategies.

5. Be client-centric. In real estate, it’s always all about building relationships. What matters is not only the quantity but the quality of your network—how many satisfied customers you have.  And if you want to be remembered, understand, and prioritize clients’ needs, even if you’re miles away.

6. Always be ahead of the pack. You need to think, too. As the saying goes, “lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.” You need not to worry about others’ opinions to seek approval for your life direction. Look inward and trust your instincts.

7. Live and work with integrity. A good real estate specialist does his work with due diligence and in good faith. You have to be honest, accountable, and truthful when dealing with clients and fellow agents. While hard work and excellence are vital in the long run, it is integrity that will help you build credibility in the industry.

8. It’s the energy that matters. The secret to an effective online presence is energy—live or virtual. Speak with confidence and conviction all throughout your pitch. You have to check in with your clients more frequently or capture their attention from time to time by changing your tone of voice or asking questions.

9. Never forget your goals. Setting goals is one thing; focusing on them is another. At some point, you’ll feel lost and would want to give up. And that’s okay. It’s all part of the journey; there will be distractions and struggles along the way, but if you keep your eyes on the prize, you’ll surely get there and thank yourself for pushing harder.

10. Be gritty. When life knocks you down, find the strength to bounce back. Persevere and commit to your long-term goals despite the fears and anxieties. You may encounter countless rejections with your clients, but a top real estate specialist manages to handle them with grace and continues to work on finding the right buyer at the right time.

How are you navigating the new reality as a property specialist? Share with us in the comments section!

Some points discussed in this article were first seen here on May 24, 2017.

Author: Jilliane Dimaano


Jilliane is a Training and Recruitment Associate for Megaworld at The Fort. She handles the hiring process, trains incoming Property Specialists, and facilitates company events . She is a graduate of BA Behavioral Sciences from University of the Philippines Manila. Jill is also a health enthusiast and has a deep passion for nutrition and wellness.

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