Safety First: Security Practices in Your Building

Security Practices in Your Building

The main draw of condo units today is the added feature of security. Many developers, like Megaworld at the Fort, consider tenant safety a priority and take measures to enforce privacy protection and the like. It has evolved to become one of the main considerations of those looking to invest in their own apartment. A condominium’s association is responsible for ensuring that these features are present and enforced to a high standard on a regular basis.

When looking to own your condo, you should take careful note of the security measures the association employs. If the building you’re scoping is lacking any of these essential rules and regulations, you might want to think twice about making it your next home.


Fire Prevention Strategies

A blaze can start anywhere and at anytime. If your place has any of these features, consider yourself well-prepared:

fire safety regulationsSmoke Alarms

Most condo units will have 1-2 smoke alarms. These are a great help in detecting fires in the early stages and alerting people to the potential damage.


These are liberally scattered throughout each unit, building hallways, and the lobby. They serve as the first line of response once a fire starts.

Fire Extinguishers

Current condominium regulations demand that homeowners store their own personal fire extinguishers. They should also be located at strategic locations within the building.

Fire Exits

Once a fire starts, electricity is shut down. This means no elevators, so associations should make ample provisions for accessible fire escapes and roomy stairways.

Fire Drills

The city will usually mandate regular fire drills for all buildings in the area. Your condo should inform residents of these drills and require participation of all tenants.


Most condo units will have 1-2 smoke alarms.


general building securityGeneral Security

Break-ins and unauthorized guests are not unheard of, especially in certain parts of the city. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that there are people trained to keep intruders out of your home. Most buildings will have their very own security team tending to the lobby. These guards screen guests, receive your packages, and make sure that you’re covered against the uninvited.


responsive building managementResponsive Building Management

When a leak springs or a fixture comes loose, your building management should be able to deal with the matter promptly. Most condominiums employ a team to fix and deal with minor damage to each unit. Make sure that your association gives you contact details and ready access to handymen who can help you with condo wear-and-tear. This also extends to matters involving dues and other unit finances. A dedicated person should be around, even on weekends, to attend to your more pressing matters.


Make sure that your association gives you contact details and ready access to handymen who can help you with condo wear-and-tear.


Round-the-Clock Surveillance

Buildings usually employ a surveillance system. Cameras should be set-up at entry and exit points. These include the lobby, hallways, parking lots, and service access. Make sure that blind spots have eyes on them at all times. These devices should be everywhere but your personal space.


Provisions for Personal Safety

ready for occupancySometimes building contracts prohibit making modifications to your unit. This clause, however, shouldn’t extend to features that provide extra security. Your association has to be open to additions such as dead bolts and window bars to prevent forced entry. If these changes are prohibited, make sure that your unit is outfitted with equivalent safety measures.

These days, you can never be too careful. It’s worth investing in a living arrangement that also takes your safety into account, whether it’s a gated community or a Megaworld at the Fort-developed township. Remember to keep your eye out for these security features and don’t hesitate to participate in any associations meetings or write a letter to building management. You might even be able to update and outdated information or suggest additional safety rules they may not have thought of before.


What kind of security measures do you find of utmost importance? Tell us in the comments!

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