People in Your Condo You Should Know

People in Your Condo You Should Know

It’s been said that one can never know who their real friends are until faced with a crisis situation, where true friends stand out from the rest. Living in a condominium right in the heart of the city can be scary, especially for first-timers. One of the first things you should do is to get to know who to go to for help. Being on a first-name basis with these people can be of great advantage when a troublesome situation comes up.

Jerry, a 34-year old financial analyst, recalls the day he first moved in, “The very first person I met with my real estate agent was the building administration manager,” he says. “I made sure to check in with her often for updates and that was really helpful because I was able to get a lot of important news firsthand. Like when we had some scheduled blackouts, I knew even before they posted the bulletin.”

Just like Jerry, you can make condo living even more convenient by getting to know the people who can offer you the help you need. Some things become much easier to accomplish when you know who to approach.


Living in a condominium right in the heart of the city can be scary, especially for first-timers.


Maintenance Personnel

cleaning servicesThey are the team who takes care of things when they fall apart. Aside from general repairs, the maintenance personnel also allocate people to clean the building’s common areas and make sure that everything’s in order. They can help you with some aspects of electrical and appliance installation and fixing. Coordination for assistance can be done through your condo administration or through direct contact. Building a personal relationship with them is better, since you can go directly to them for any emergencies. Before proceeding with any heavy-duty work, however, make sure that all activities fall within your building’s rules and regulations.


Building Security

condo securityIt also pays to know the people in-charge of keeping you safe. Building security is usually composed of a group who take shifts watching over different areas of your condominium. They are also the first to greet your visitors and inform you of potential security threats. The primary job of the security personnel is to make sure that the building and its occupants are safe from outside harm, which can make them suspicious of unfamiliar faces, like visitors or live-out help. Being friendly with your security guards allows them to trust you when you vouch for your guests.


It also pays to know the people in-charge of keeping you safe.


Front Desk Attendant

The person who spends the most time in your lobby is another connection worth making. They’re the ones who receive your important documents and deliveries when you aren’t home. Front desk attendants are also the people you would first go to for concerns regarding your apartment, and it helps to get to know them and appreciate their job. Sometimes, even just getting a smile from the front desk after a hard day’s work is a good balm for the spirit.


Administration Officers

good managementThose who deal with the day-to-day affairs of the condo and keep everything organized comprise building administration. They’re the ones you’ll have to approach when it comes to mobilizing maintenance and processing financial concerns. You can look to them when you need a breakdown of your condo fees or an explanation of the investment opportunities you can explore for your unit. If you need to make any drastic changes in terms of unit structure and décor, they hold the key to your progress. Having a great relationship with them will lessen the time it takes to solve building and unit issues.

It helps to know the people who live in your neighborhood, but it’s even more helpful to get to know the people you interact with most often. Aside from their potential to help you when you need help, it also shows that you care about the people around you, which makes you the neighbor and tenant people like to live with.


Do you know the people in your condominium? How have they helped you? Tell us in the comments!

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