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Average price of condominiums in Metro Manila’s key cities revealed Image via IngImage MANILA, JANUARY 27, 2015: Property-seekers on the hunt for a reasonably-priced condominium should consider buying in Las Piñas, which has emerged as the city with the lowest average condo prices in Metro Manila. At Php49,849 per square meter, buying a condo in […]

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Tips for Hosting a Party in Your Condo Unit

Let’s face it: the minute you move in, everyone you know will be expecting a housewarming party. The minute you’ve got your own space, that’s sometimes an open invitation to friends and family members. You’re pushed—no, required—to have gatherings for various occasions. Sometimes, you might even have to make some of them up as you […]

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The Rise of Condo Living at The Fort

More and more people are discovering the joys of condo living. Unlike several years ago, most are now likely to invest in a high-rise apartment as opposed to an actual house. Aside from offering more flexibility and freedom, the trends suggest a high propensity for financial gain for those looking to invest. Worldwide demographics all […]

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The Five Most Suitable Light Fixtures for Condos

Lighting offers a big contribution when it comes to making your condo more appealing and comforting. It’s a great advantage to have a lot of natural light as well as lighting fixtures that improve the mood of your place. Choosing the right kind of lighting for your place will depend largely on the aesthetic you […]

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Tips on Being a Great Condo Neighbor

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Wherever you live, you’ll have to learn to get along with people around you. These days, condos have evolved past a collection of static individuals living separately in different units. The current trend is a community of residents who live, work, and play together. Townships, like those by Megaworld at The Fort, are a perfect […]

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People in Your Condo You Should Know

It’s been said that one can never know who their real friends are until faced with a crisis situation, where true friends stand out from the rest. Living in a condominium right in the heart of the city can be scary, especially for first-timers. One of the first things you should do is to get […]

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