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Economic Outlook: Philippines in 2015

The Philippines continues to exhibit significant economic potential and long-term sustainable growth, proving that it is, beyond doubt, a good investment country. With the boost in anti-corruption campaigns, increased government spending on public-private partnership (PPP) projects, and the efforts towards the ASEAN Integration, “the next Asian Miracle”, as the World Bank Doing Business Report puts […]

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The OFW Guide to Getting Bank Financing

Based on the results of the 2014 Survey on Overseas Filipinos, the total number of Filipinos dispersed across the globe is 2.3 million. While Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) come from diverse backgrounds, their common denominator is the critical role they play in strengthening our economy, primarily through their remittances. The increased purchasing power of OFWs, […]

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6 Religious Spots Worth Visiting in Cebu

Filipinos are devoted to their religion, most of whom subscribe to the Catholic faith. In scenic Cebu, sacred places of worship are scattered all over the region, including ones that figured in the proliferation of Catholicism in the country. Cebu is where Philippine Christianity started. Tourists often include the notable religious spots on their travel […]

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What is Cebu’s Sinulog Festival All About?

There is a famous story that circulated in the late 80’s, perhaps a product of the frequency of super typhoons in country. The tale speaks of a deaf child with a warm smile, trudging through the thoroughfares of Metro Manila one October afternoon. For some reason, the kid wore boots and toyed with an umbrella […]

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8 Interesting Facts about Cebu You Should Know

As familiar as Cebu is to us, the irony is that we still have a lot to learn about the Queen City of the South. Sure, it’s a pristine region peppered with beaches and historical sites, but the stories behind some of them continue to be a mystery to Filipinos in general. Here at the […]

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5 Reasons Cebu’s Economy is Growing so Rapidly

With roughly 4 million people living in Cebu, it has become one of the strongest local economies in the country and the second largest metropolis outside of Metro Manila. Looking at the recent year-on-year numbers of regional growth, from industries to employment and infrastructure, it cannot be denied that Cebu is consistently paving the way […]

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