Megaworld introduces augmented reality property tours

Augmented Reality Technology

Megaworld, a pioneer in the Philippine real estate industry, blazes a trail once again, with the country’s first 3D augmented reality property app. That sounds really high-tech, but what does that mean for people who are looking for a home?

Anyone who’s ever gone house-hunting knows that there are some things you can’t find in a brochure. You want a “feel” for the place– the layout, the overall design–but you’re also too busy to schedule an actual visit. Megaworld’s app lets you take a virtual tour, using an application on your smart phone and tablet.


The fastest way to Florence

The augmented reality app is designed for Megaworld at the Fort’s new property The Florence. The new residential towers are located in McKinley Hill. Architects drew inspiration from the famous Italian city that is known for its fine architecture and modern ideas–after all, it was the birth place of the Renaissance! But how did they implement that in the design? With one click, users can see it for themselves: the graceful curvilinear layout, the fine marble interiors, and the perfect balance of Old World elegance and modern convenience.

To see The Florence now, just follow these three steps:

  1. Get the code. Go to this link and download the QR code at and print it.
  2. Get the app. Search for “Inglobe Technologies” on Google Play or the ITunes Store.
  3. Now download the Florence model by clicking on this link and install it on your tablet or phone. Open the file using AR-media and you’ll get a notification that you can access a new model at the library. Next, refresh the library and then click the star to set “The Florence” as your default model.
  4. Access the code. Just point your gadget at the QR code and tap.


How the app works

The application simulates a tour through a video feed sent from a camera. The 3D rendering will let you visualize the units in actual residential scale, which is as close to “seeing” the property without actually leaving your living room.

“The 3D augmented reality is a technological breakthrough of Megaworld, aside from being the pioneer of building townships. In showcasing the intricate design of The Florence through this tool, it is important to us to be on top of our game in engaging our guests and clients to a whole new interactive print experience,” said Noli D. Hernandez, Megaworld senior vice president for sales and marketing.

By July, Megaworld will also be releasing augmented reality videos–yet another first for the real estate pioneer.

Do you have questions about Megaworld’s 3D augmented reality app or its newest properties at The Fort? Contact us at 815-1888, 840-0602, or 946-9726 or visit

Author: Megaworld at The Fort


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