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City life can be incredibly fast and overwhelming. Ten-hour workdays are the norm, and the young achiever often turns to quickie coping devices like drinking or smoking. However, doctors say that this “work hard, party harder” lifestyle will only exacerbate the stress and take their toll on an already overworked body.

The best thing a young achiever can do is to consciously develop work-life balance. This means prioritizing a well-rounded lifestyle. Deadlines and job targets may loom, to the point that we shelve the rest of our needs just to turn in that important report or satisfy a demanding boss, but it’s crucial to see our bodies and minds as resources that must be nurtured and developed. Work must be balanced with opportunities to live, play, and learn, and rewarded with little pleasures like shopping or having fun with friends

That is the core concept of developers like Megaworld that create lifestyle hubs where residents can quickly and conveniently access facilities that contribute to a balanced life. In fact, its development philosophy of  “LIVE-WORK-PLAY-LEARN-SHOP” perfectly captures the elements of work-life balance.

Sneak in exercise

Exercise not only lowers high cholesterol and prevents heart disease, diabetes and obesity — which are all related to stress and the sedentary lifestyle of most corporate executives — it also releases happy hormones like endorphins and provides a healthy outlet for stress.

Many young achievers say that they don’t have time to exercise. That’s why all Megaworld residential properties are equipped with a gym and pool, which makes it easier for busy people to squeeze in the workout. New property developments at The Fort also offers many other exercise opportunities: people can jog in the morning, take a brisk walk to the shuttle, or join the many running groups that congregate in the area during the weekends. Even a 10-minute morning stroll to take an al fresco breakfast at the coffee shops there can increase metabolism and release endorphins, for an amazing boost of energy and mood.

Enjoy open spaces

There’s just something about large parks or stunning sky views that make us feel more liberated and carefree. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find that kind of landscape in Manila. The one exception is the Fort. The condo units are surrounded by parks and walkways, and the skyscrapers offer a stunning view of the cloud-wrapped Makati skyline. While this isn’t a beach sunset, it is relaxing and exciting at the same time. Residents of Megaworld will be able to brush their teeth while watching the sun rise over the urban horizon. It beats waking up to the dreary view of factories and rundown apartments!

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Make time for friends

When was the last time you had lunch with a childhood friend? Or took a leisurely breakfast with your husband, enjoying his company and the sound of his voice? One of the benefits of living at the Fort is its proximity to dining areas. You can easily organize a reunion with your high school barkada, or go out on a spontaneous date of wine and cheese at the corner Italian restaurant. These moments help build bonds and remind you of what really matters: the people who love and accept you for who you are, and not what you do!

Work more efficiently

Are we productive every single hour of our work day? Chances are, we lose precious time to distractions and logistical nuisances such as paperwork or even navigating traffic. Now consider how much more efficient you would be if you removed anything that wasted your time and energy! Even if you left the office earlier, you’d get more done.

That’s why living in the Fort can improve your productivity and your work life balance. Instead of spending two hours on the road, you can be home in 20 minutes, and use the road time you’ve saved to exercise, bond with loved ones, or indulge in a relaxing and inspiring hobby. You’d also be able to sleep more — missing even just one to two hours of sleep can lower concentration — or cook a healthy dinner instead of ordering takeout!


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Have more fun

It’s important to balance your work with recreational activities. Not only will these help relieve stress, career experts say that having multiple interests can actually enhance your creativity. That’s because these tasks stimulate other parts of your brain, widen your perspective, and help you take a step away from a work problem so you can approach it later on with a fresh mind. That’s why Megaworld properties also include facilities for playing and learning. In addition, The Fort alone is home to bookstores, hobby shops, and centers that offer everything from makeup classes to cooking demos. Global City is also a cultural hub, and weekend events include outdoor concerts, fairs, and fun runs.

Enjoy your success

You work hard, and it’s important to pay yourself back. Hobbies, nights out with friends, and the occasional shopping spree all help feed your motivation because you feel you’re enjoying the fruits of your labor. Just remember to invest in your dreams and in yourself: a good home, a healthy lifestyle, and a daily commitment to work life balance.

Ask about Megaworld at the Fort and reward yourself for the rest of your life.


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