Less hassle, extra time: Why living next to a mall is more than a double win

Shop-and-dine is a liberating habit that you feel the need to do especially on weekends, as a chance to drown away your five-day worth of stress. At times though, instead of catching a movie or shopping for grocery, you’ll turn your weekend into a sacred day of rest and relaxation. You don’t want to spend a costly ride because face it: you’re far from everything. The list not to opt outdoors can pile up, but there’s only one decision away to make it otherwise.

Condos near shopping malls are becoming the trend. Aside from the convenience of urban living, here are other benefits you’ll get when you move to a new space right next to a shopping center:

Close to Malls - Design Story

Find inspiration in specialty stores like Design Story in Uptown Mall that combines two design aesthetics in one space. Photo from Rappler.

1. Specialty finds. When you live next to malls, you have easy access to products that you won’t find elsewhere. Everything is literally within a few meters. With first-time international brands and concept stores gushing in toward the high-end retail market, you’re given a wider set of options in clothing, cosmetics, apparel, etc.; your food cravings are easily satisfied, too. You’re close enough to restaurants that you can actually see them from your home and choose where to eat out next.

2. Picturesque views. Developers are consistently innovating to build iconic landmarks and refashion the mall formula. The unconventional design and architecture of shopping centers lend the neighborhood its creative quality—bright lights and intricate tapestries are all an extension of your home. Anything scenic to the eyes adds to your everyday experience and gives you a sense of place.

3. Safe welfare. Aside from the security at your own condo, huge shopping malls have extra safety and security measures around the vicinity. You can be assured that security guards are roving 24/7 and CCTVs are strictly monitored.

Close to Malls - Grand Canal

Venetian mimes give more life to the country’s most romantic mall, the Venice Grand Canal. Left photo by Carlo Sule; right photo from McKinley Hill’s official FB page.

4. Vibrant lifestyle.If there’s one thing that trumps all the other reasons, it’s the kind of lifestyle that greets you at your doorstep. Being close to malls means being at the center of opportunities that are barely imaginable in other communities. You can create a lifestyle that does not require to wait until Friday night to have fun, and you can experience much meaning even on a Monday without going that far—from entertainment options, latest events, new launches, and a lot more!

In condo living, convenience must be your utmost consideration. But homes built close to malls offer more than just that. Given the specialty finds, picturesque views, safe welfare, and a vibrant lifestyle, your life will be worth more than a weekend.

The Venice Luxury Residences in McKinley Hill incorporates Venetian architecture and landscapes, including a grand canal that flows through the township center. The world’s most romantic city, celebrated at McKinley Hill. Visit http://www.megaworldatthefort.com/townships/mckinley-hill/live/the-venice/ or call (+63917) 887 8696 for more inquiries. 

Author: Kesiah Alvarez


Kesiah is the Jr. Supervisor for Marketing Communications for Megaworld at The Fort. She handles brand strategy, concept development, and media management. She is a graduate of BA Communication from Miriam College. Kesiah is also an avid fan of the local music scene and enjoys watching sci-fi and romcom movies.

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