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Megaworld’s townships live and breathe the complete LIVE-WORK-PLAY-LEARN-SHOP development philosophy. McKinley Hill, being its largest township in Metro Manila, is the epitome of all these and more. It isn’t just a hotspot for dining destinations, luxury residential suites, nor is it just a hub for booming businesses and companies. Some of you may not know it yet, but McKinley Hill is also home to two of the country’s up and coming educational institutions that share its innovative approach to living and learning.

Enderun Colleges and MINT College have one thing in common, and that is their unique approach to education that’s challenging the conventions and caliber of some of the best universities in the Philippines today—producing passionate minds, competent professionals, and ingenious individuals.

With local roots and a network of global industry leaders, these two have been shaped to world-class standards. State of the art campuses, tight-knit communities, and promising opportunities await the students of Enderun and MINT.

Curious yet? Let us give you a quick run down of the things you need to know about these colleges at McKinley Hill:

Enderun Colleges

What makes it special?

Founded in 2005 by business and community leaders Jack Tuason, Javier Infante, and John Suits, Enderun Colleges was built as a world-class business and hospitality management undergraduate institution. It focuses on business education and practical skills that set their students apart from those who thrive on theories. Enderun cultivates entrepreneurial values as early as possible, preparing students for a highly competitive global economy, and producing graduates that succeed in the real world.

Enderun also prides itself with its portfolio of global partners:

      • Les Roches International School of Hotel Management
      • Ducasse Education
      • Thunderbird School of Global Management
      • Namseoul University
      • Dongguk University
      • Kyungnam College of Information and Technology
      • Yeungnam University

What courses do Enderun Colleges offer?

Enderun was originally a business school, offering degrees in business administration and entrepreneurship. However, the launch of a hospitality management school came naturally soon enough. The hospitality industry is the world’s largest, posing endless international and local opportunities for graduates – of course, given the right education.

The Enderun College of Hospitality Management offers a bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality Management, as well as several certificate and diploma programs in restaurant management, hotel management, and culinary arts. The Enderun College of Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship, on the other hand, offers degrees in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Information Systems, and Economics, as well as certificate programs in Fashion Management, Global Financial Management, and Global Marketing Strategy. For a complete list of course offerings, visit the Enderun website here.

What about the Enderun Colleges campus?

As a part of McKinley Hill, it is no surprise that Enderun Colleges has over 8,200 square meters of classroom space, quietly situated in beautifully structured and landscaped hectares. It provides an environment that’s conducive not only to learning, but also to creativity and excellence.

Aside from the academic buildings, and the Ducasse Institute Philippines that houses four kitchens, a culinary amphitheater, and a bookstore, Enderun also boasts of a restaurant, Restaurant 101, and two event spaces, The Tent and Atrium, where students can apply and practice their culinary and service skills.

MINT College


What makes it special?

Fairly new to the school scene, Meridian International (MINT) College provides a daring 21st century experience to its students. Established in 2011 by Founder, President and CEO Baltazar Endriga, MINT follows his philosophies. It focuses on creativity and application, and integrates business, technology and the arts in order to bring a holistic, revolutionary approach to tertiary education. Students are no longer expected to follow traditional approaches, but rather, are invited to join the educational revolution.

In recent years, MINT College made news waves when they introduced the mandatory issue of iPads. iPads are included and are paid during enrollment as they believe modern educational tools “should never be an option” — these should be a standard.

What courses does MINT College offer?

Much like its founder’s diverse background, MINT offers 4-year degree programs on business, the arts, and technology. Under the Business Department, they have Entrepreneurial Management, Marketing, Finance and Commerce, Environmental Management and Sustainable Development, Film and Communications and Music Business Management. Under the Arts Department are two programs, namely, Applied Arts and New Media, and Theater Arts and Communications. Lastly, the Technology Department houses the Information Technology and Computer Science degree programs.

The pioneer batch of MINT students graduated last April 30, 2015 at the Silk Pavilion, Blue Leaf Events.

What about the MINT College campus?

What sets MINT apart from other institutions here in the country is its campus and facilities. In a relatively small yet comfortably adequate 1,315-square meter campus, MINT College occupies the 2nd floor of the Commerce and Industry Plaza in McKinley Hill.

It is complete with contemporary furniture, graphic-designed iconic walls, sleek, modern interiors, and unique spaces fit for the extraordinary MINT learning style. Students are exposed to an environment that encourages individuality and expression more than anything.

Meanwhile, its facilities are a story of its own. MINT boasts of Sonic Boom, its own music and sound recording studio, Cutting Room, a multimedia room dedicated to video post-production, MINT Playhouse, an 80-seater lecture hall, theatre and broadcast studio, Geek Central, an iMac and Apple laboratory, Menthol PC Lab, a Windows laboratory for Computer Science and IT students, and several color-coded classrooms and halls for collaborative learning. Truly, innovation and creativity never escape the walls of MINT College.

So how do you like the colleges at McKinley Hill? Share it with us in the comments below!

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