#iloveMKH Event: Megaworld at the Fort Introduces Inspired Living

#iloveMKH Event: Megaworld at the Fort Introduces Inspired Living

FORT BONIFACIO, PHILIPPINES – Prominent property developer Megaworld at the Fort is making their vision of “the good life” a reality. Their upcoming event, #iloveMKH, puts emphasis on the industry-leading development philosophy that has made them a name in world-class real estate. For one day, the country’s most popular bloggers get to experience each aspect of the McKinley Hill community as they Live-Work-Play-Learn-Shop with Megaworld at the Fort.

Stations scattered throughout the venue will capture each aspect of Megaworld at the Fort’s philosophy, a complete community that provides the utmost ease and convenience for its residents. The event will also be live tweeted on Megaworld at the Fort’s Twitter account, giving followers a more engaging look into the exciting event.

The invited bloggers will enjoy various activities as they fully immerse themselves in the relaxed Megaworld at the Fort lifestyle, all against the Spanish-Italian-inspired township.

Megaworld at the Fort has invited some of the country’s top bloggers and writers from leading websites to participate in the said event. They are:

1. Marlon Magtira is the editor-in-chief of PC Buyer’s Guide, one of the most reliable tech magazines in the Philippines. He is the author of blogs Tech TV and Newsbytes.

2. Rafael Pedrejita is the former Advertising Director at Adventour Magazine and President of the Philippine Blogger’s Network. He currently writes for his personal blog, Digital Spidey.

3. Ferdinand Decena dabbles in many fields. This writer, freelance photographer, and backpacker constantly shares stories about his adventures. He also writes on a variety of other topics on his website ferdzdecena.com.

4. Jonel Uy finds time to write for his personal blog joneluy.com  in between digital marketing ventures. He contributes to various sites in the food, tech, and travel industries.

5. Marjorie Uy is the face behind one of the country’s most popular travel blogs, Let’s Go Sago. Here, she writes about her adventures with trusty travel buddy, Sago.

6. Annalyn Zoglmann has had extensive experience in the fields of writing and travel. She combines both in her charming tales, from around the globe, on her personal blog annalyn.net.

7. Azrael Coladilla excels in various media fields — from film to TV to other forms of media. He is a self-confessed supporter of local artists and the indie scene, which he talks about in detail on his blog, Azrael’s Merry Land.

8. Ian Irving Bacungan is a guest contributor for the blog, Gadget Pilipinas. He is considered a “Jack of All Trades” by his peers who rely on his extensive expertise in various fields and topics.

9. Ted Claudio writes about all things fun in the Philippines on his blog, Wazzup Pilipinas. When he puts down his pen, he takes up a camera or spends his hours training others in the art of photography.

10. Enzo Luna creates regular material for the magazine-themed blog, Juan Manila Express. He is also a former rock vocalist and recently established Twenty-Three Enterprise.

Combining uplifting lifestyle concepts and a wide range of experience in real estate, Megaworld at the Fort is leading the charge toward a truly distinctive residential movement.

For more information, visit Megaworld at the Fort at www.megaworldathefort.com and follow @Megaworld_FORT  (Twitter) and Megaworld at the Fort (Facebook) for more exciting updates on the #iloveMKH event.

Andrew Lauchengco

Author: Andrew Lauchengco


Andrew is the current Marketing Communications Associate of Megaworld at the Fort focusing on brand development, content management, project execution, and digital marketing. He is a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas with a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Development, and earned his post-graduate diploma in Industrial Relations at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Andrew is also an active musician in the local independent scene and is a martial arts enthusiast.

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