How McKinley Hill redefines today’s homes

Each has his own definition of a home, whether it is the feeling of lying on a lounge chair with a cold glass of lemonade on one hand, or the feeling of someone else’s arms holding you tight. Home is so much more than an establishment that you build from the ground up; it is the creation of an atmosphere so familiar.

In townships such as McKinley Hill, the neighborhood opens unlimited opportunities that breathe new air into our definition of homes. New families will surely love moving in the community as it provides the perfect environment, whether it’s in the location, security, or lifestyle.

1. Accessible location

When moving into a new home, location becomes a primary consideration. Is it near your workplace or your kids’ schools? Do roads ensure proper car mobility and hassle-free traffic? Luckily, condominiums in McKinley Hill are strategically located near major roads such as C-5 and Lawton Avenue, providing easy access to other business districts such as Makati and Ortigas. The township has been carefully mapped out so that residents don’t have to worry about the traffic when going to and from important establishments. What’s supposed to be an hour from home is now minutes, or just a block, away. You can even walk your way to work because of the many BPO and top-grade companies located inside the community.

2. Safety and security

Night view of McKinley Hill from Stamford Executive Residences. Photo by Carlo Sule.

Night view of McKinley Hill from Stamford Executive Residences. Photo by Carlo Sule.

From your condominium to the streets you walk day in and day out, you can be sure that you and your family are safe. McKinley Hill has spacious roads that prevent road accidents and overcrowding. Aside from the 24-hour security at your own home, some establishments are also open 24/7, inreasing the number of security personnel who are doing round-the-clock security measures within the vicinity.

3. Unique Mediterranean aesthetic

The warmth of the township’s colors brings a calm and youthful vibe. Everywhere you look is aesthetically pleasing—from the replicas of world-class landmarks such as St. Mark’s Tower, to the façade and landscapes of your own home. Every piece is a unique extension of modern Europe. And waking up to and ending your day with a sight of these Mediterranean festivities will redefine your impression on homes against city lights of urban living.

Facade of The Venice Grand Canal inspired by Venetian architecture. Photos by Kevin Icabales.

Facade of The Venice Grand Canal inspired by Venetian architecture. Photos by Kevin Icabales.

4. Exclusive international schools

McKinley Hill - Inline Photo 4

Korean International School Philippines. Photo by Kevin Icabales.

Raising kids in McKinley Hill is perfect due to its proximity to quality schools. Primary and middle education are offered by Abba’s Orchard Montessori School, the first and only Montessori Farm Campus environment in Asia Pacific; as well as the Korean International School Philippines and Chinese International School Manila, which both follow international curriculum standards and are conveniently located near the residences. For your grownup kids, you need not to worry enrolling them in far universities because of the availability of college programs within the same community: Enderun Colleges that specializes in business, hospitality, and fashion courses; and Meridian International School that offers a mix of two regular courses such as Music Management.

5. Active lifestyle

McKinley Hill - Inline Photo 5

Amenity deck of The Venice Luxury Residences. Photo by Carlo Sule.

We all need space where we could get to run and play without worrying about danger. With the wide open spaces and lifestyle amenities in each condominium (e.g. fitness center, tennis court, day care), families can aim for an active lifestyle at the confines of their own home. Road networks along the township also allow for uninterrupted outdoor exercise, may it be cycling or running; sidewalks even provide spacious paths to walk your dogs. Add to that the presence of McKinley Hill Stadium, the first world-class football field in the country, where you can enjoy watching your favorite football teams.

It may seem scary to move into a new place, but McKinley Hill replaces fear with excitement as you see its convenient neighborhood. Whether you’re a growing family or you just want to start anew, McKinley Hill is a refreshing sight, with every bit of it calling you home.

McKinley Hill is Megaworld’s largest and most complete township in Metro Manila, spanning 50 hectares of land bank in Fort Bonifacio.  Buy a home today and be part of this growing community!

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