FREE ZUMBA: Dance to total fitness this 2017

When it comes to working out, it’s either we easily lose the motivation or lack the necessary time to do so. But more often than not, the struggle lies on the latter—our busy schedule leaves us with little or no time to stretch a muscle or two. Fret not! We’re here to help out.

As part of its health awareness campaign, Megaworld at the Fort is offering a one-hour Zumba session every Saturday for all residents of McKinley Hill. Good news? It’s for free!

Official Poster of MWATF's Free Zumba

Official Poster of MWATF’s Free Zumba

But before you walk into one of our Zumba classes, here are four things you’ve got to be excited about:

1. You’ll have a full-body workout.

Every Zumba routine is comprehensive, targeting almost all your muscles and joints at once—from head and shoulders that strengthen the upper body to footwork that stretches calves and ankles. So if you’re aiming for a completely toned body, this fitness method is the most efficient choice for you. And guess what? You can burn up to 1000 calories in just an hour.

2. But you won’t feel like working out at all.

The best thing about Zumba is that it’s both a dance workout and a fitness workout. With an upbeat and fast music, you’ll have so much fun you won’t realize you’re actually exercising (an “exercise in disguise,” as others may say). Our professional instructors usually start the session with a 5-minute warmup, followed by six to eight routines, mixed with a little belly dancing and hip-hop. Don’t care if you’re a dancer or not, just keep moving!

3. You’ll make new friends.

If you decide to join, feel free to bring your family and colleagues, as Zumba works for all people of any age, both beginners and advanced exercisers. And since Zumba is considered a fun and social dance party, you’ll be able to interact with fun people too!  You’ll meet new faces from your neighborhood, so make friends and find that workout buddy you’ve been looking for.

4. You’ll definitely come back.

The fact that Zumba does not require that much hard work makes you want to keep coming back. Most people get demotivated and take a small hiatus from gym when they don’t feel like it. When you start attending Zumba classes, your idea of exercise changes. You’ll definitely look forward to every Saturday, and be excited about the new music and aerobic routines.

More than 30 joined our outdoor Zumba last March 11. Photo by

More than 30 joined our outdoor Zumba last March 11. Photo by Allen Mindalano.

Even if it’s just for a weekend, one exercise is better than nothing. Whether you want to de-stress or simply boost your mood, get that body moving at our free Zumba classes to be held on all Saturdays whole year round. Join this dance craze at the parking lot of McKinley Hill Information Center, across One World Square.

Lose some weight and have fun at the same time. See you there!

Author: Kesiah Alvarez


Kesiah is the Jr. Supervisor for Marketing Communications for Megaworld at The Fort. She handles brand strategy, concept development, and media management. She is a graduate of BA Communication from Miriam College. Kesiah is also an avid fan of the local music scene and enjoys watching sci-fi and romcom movies.

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