Four Ways Condo Living Can Help You Make Time For What Matters Most To You


In today’s fast-paced world, many people yearn for a more streamlined lifestyle. They have realized that their schedules and even their homes have become extremely cluttered with things that don’t matter to them. Less is more, they say; in simplicity lies freedom.

That’s one reason why Pamela T. and her husband opted to invest in one of the condominiums of Megaworld at the Fort. The young couple considered buying a home, but after reviewing their priorities — family time, travel, and managing monthly expenses so Pam could afford to stay home with the baby — they decided that condo life was better for them.

Less is more, they say; in simplicity lies freedom. 


Condos are easier to maintain

Pam wanted to be a hands-on mom, so she decided to forego a maid and the crew of household help that living in a large house would require. “After computing how much it would cost to have two maids, a driver, and a gardener, I realized a huge chunk of my monthly salary would just go to paying other people to take care of my house and child while I was away.”

A condo unit is easier to clean. She won’t miss having a garden, since Megaworld residents enjoy amenities like a pool and the entire Global City as a backyard. “I really like the fact that our condo is in the heart of the city, but still has a quiet and suburban atmosphere. It’s easy to go out for walks, and there are so many play areas that there would never be any reason my child would feel cooped up and restless.”

Condos offer more security

The couple enjoys traveling, and since both their parents live abroad, they sometimes spend weeks away from the Philippines. Pam would’ve felt uncomfortable leaving a big home for that long because of security issues. Living in a condo eliminates those concerns. It’s easy to lock everything up and leave, since the building has round-the-clock security and is in a very safe and private area.

Smaller houses are also easier to secure. A large home needs outdoor lighting, high walls and gates, and numerous locks for each entrance. Pam does plan to install a burglar alarm and get a heavy-duty door and window bolts, but the very nature of condo layouts means there are less ways for a burglar to get in.

Condos are cheaper to maintain

The bigger the home, the more you will spend on electricity, water, household cleaning supplies, furniture and decor. Condo units may be smaller, but the monthly expenses shrink with it — and Pam is realizing that the amount of money she’s saving from maintenance is already a return on their investment. “My mommy friends and I often talk about bills and expenses, and theirs are two — sometimes even three! — times bigger than mine. They have more appliances and lights to run, more household staff to feed, more details to consider such as water for the garden. The little things add up.”


Condo units may be smaller, but the monthly expenses shrink with it


Having a small space also forces Pam to be very selective about what she buys. “I’m never tempted to overstock the pantry or go crazy buying toys, clothes, or home accessories. I buy only what I need or what I really, really love.” It also reinforces her and her husband’s philosophy of “less is more.” Instead of hoarding food that spoils or things that only gather dust, they appreciate and use every single thing they have.

“Some people wonder how I can survive with such a small kitchen. But think about it: how many pans, knives and plates does a wife need? I have one big kitchen knife but it’s chef-grade, and sharper and more efficient than those cheap 7-piece sets,” she says.

Condo living can make bonding easier

The drive to work used to take at least an hour. “I’d have to leave early to avoid rush hour and I would get home after dinner. I’d be so tired from driving that I would fall asleep soon after,” Pam’s husband said.

The couple said Megaworld at the Fort’s proximity to his office “sealed the deal.” A long commute isn’t just physically taxing, it affects the family. “I want to be home early enough to play with our baby. I don’t want to look back and feel like I’ve missed all the important milestones. I dread the idea of becoming a ‘weekend father’,” he explains. He also likes how the nearby restaurants will make it easier for him and his wife to have date nights. “I have a very stressful job that sometimes requires me to bring my work home with me on the weekends. With everything within walking distance, we can steal couple time — coffee and cake, or a good brunch — even when I have a lot to do.”

Pam also looks forward to inviting her friends over on “mommy dates.” Since she’s given birth, it’s been harder to meet up with her college friends. Though they’re still close, they’re so busy with their kids and careers that they can never find a way for schedules to intersect. “Living in The Fort is convenient for all of us. Many of my friends work in Makati. Those who are stay-at-home moms like me are excited about bringing the kids over for playdates. There are so many facilities here which will keep our children entertained while we talk or even go window shopping!”

For the young couple, condo living creates the environment where they can enjoy what matters most to them.  “Choosing a home is really part of choosing what kind of life you want to have,” says Pam. “You’re investing in your dream.”


“Choosing a home is really part of choosing what kind of life you want to have.”

Author: Megaworld at The Fort


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