Five Fool-Proof Resources for Condo Decorating


Resources for Condo Decorating

The look of a place is often a very serious consideration for most condo dwellers. Most of the time, you end up with basic furniture and not much in terms of décor. Units at Megaworld at the Fort’s latest township, for instance, are modeled in Venetian luxury but interiors contain only the essentials: a bed, table, and couch. Tweaking a few things here and there adds personality and a more refreshing ambiance to a place you’ll be living in for quite a while. While checking out online sources can yield a lot of great ideas, there are some resources that will give you a more clear-cut look at the fundamentals of an attractive dwelling.


allocate time for renovationsPantone Guide

The very first thing you’ll need is color and there isn’t a better authority than the Pantone Institute. These are the folks who set the trends of the year. If you’re the type who likes to keep up with the latest movements in tone and hue, this site is probably worth a look. On your next visit to the hardware store, make sure to pick up some of those paint chip color samples. You’ll want to download their periodic catalogues that detail all the latest color trends in the home, as well as in fashion. They’ll be a lot of help when you’re deciding what color scheme will best fit your new space.



Fans of DIY décor will definitely love this go-to resource for all things crafty. Pinterest provides ideal projects for any room in the house that are both easy and fun to do. You can also create your own board and re-pin these for reference later on. Each venture shows detailed instructions through text and photos to give you a better step-by-step look at the entire process. Some will even feature links to places where you can purchase materials or additional sources you can check for more fun things to get your hands dirty.

Pinterest provides ideal projects for any room in the house that are both easy and fun to do.


an eye for design by allegra hicksAn Eye for Design by Allegra Hicks

 Simply changing the upholstery can make a huge difference in the home as Hick’s book shows. Browsing through it will reveal page after page of colorful and interesting fabric swatches. It also shows various interior shots exhibiting the versatility of tone and pattern. From here you can get a lot of inspiration when it comes to selecting the right textiles for your condo. You’ll also learn how to make stripes and dots work and to put more eccentric and exotic prints together for a truly unique look.



victoria hagan portraitsInterior Portraits by Victoria Hagan

If monochromatic and minimalist is more your style, you might want to sink your teeth in this handy resource. Now that more streamlined looks for condos are coming into play, it’s high time to get in on the growing trend. The book features high-resolution shots of various interiors that play on an all-white or single color theme. From bright, airy living rooms to dark and cozy dens, you’ll find that one-off colors, or lack thereof, can significantly change the look and feel of any space.


If monochromatic and minimalist is more your style, you might want to sink your teeth in this handy resource.


kinfolk tableThe Kinfolk Table

Kinfolk magazine has been regarded by the current generation as a bible for living well. Their newest book promises to offer no less. Though it’s touted as a book of recipes ideal for small gatherings, it also has much to teach in terms of dining décor. You’ll find lots of useful instructions on creating scrumptious small serving dishes. There are also stories about table gatherings from all over the world that will inspire you to craft your own appetizing set-up.

These are only some of the handy and credible sources you can check out in your quest to build a better place. A lot of the time, condo décor relies on a great deal of experimentation. So stick to the rules but don’t be afraid to exercise a little creativity and come up with your own unique projects.


What resources do you use as inspiration in your home décor? Share it with us in the comments!

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