Five Essentials for the Ideal Bachelor’s Pad

Five Essentials for the Ideal Bachelor’s Pad

The past few years have seen an undeniable rise in condo living. Most people prefer the ease and convenience afforded by a luxurious high-rise from some of the country’s top developers, like Megaworld at The Fort. Of the fraction of the population that invests in these condominiums, a substantial number belongs to the segment of young professionals. These upwardly mobile young professionals prefer such places because of the location and easier access to places of work and other popular establishments that perpetuate their lifestyles. Of these individuals, quite a few are bachelors who are seeking to expand their career options and experience what the city has to offer.

bachelor's padWhen you think of a bachelor’s pad, you get the idea of a cluttered, tiny apartment that rarely sees the light of day, much less regular cleaning.  Contrary to popular belief, bachelors these days are becoming more particular about how their places come across. Given that entertaining guests is part of the city lifestyle, you need a place you can be proud of. Here are a couple of important necessities for a bachelor’s bad worth bragging about.


Entertainment SystemState-of-the-Art Audio and Video System

Installing this baby will be no joke but once you get it up and running, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to live without it. If you can, invest in a good flat screen television with all the trimmings. You can also buy a sound system to match. You’ll want to get speakers that deliver a good dose of sound that isn’t broken or too bass-heavy. These things will come in handy when you have guests over and there’s nothing left to talk about. They’ll also serve as your companions on evenings in when you have no one but yourself for company. Nothing staves off the loneliness quite like the latest blockbuster in raging Dolby vision with surround sound.

Nothing staves off the loneliness quite like the latest blockbuster in raging Dolby vision with surround sound.


comfortable and sturdy couchSturdy and Comfortable Couch

When you’re pressed for space to sit and eat, a good working couch will do double the work without taking up too much space. Go for upholstery that’s luxurious yet durable. Leather will work in a jiffy but remember that it also takes a lot of work to maintain. Get one that doesn’t hurt your butt when you sit on it and where you can spend hours lying down without having to visit your chiropractor afterward. Sofas with pull-out beds are preferred over regular models. They do come in handy for whenever you have company over and nobody wants to head home just yet.

good coffee makerWorking Coffee maker

Now that third wave coffee has emerged, the concept of your daily morning drink has evolved yet again. It’s become a drink for tasting just as much as an essential to dragging yourself out of bed on a daily basis. Take advantage of the latest craze and invest in good coffee maker. Options these days range from your basic drip brew to more technical espresso machines. Still others offer capsule-based mechanisms that let you create a gourmet caffeinated drink with the push of a button. If nothing else, you can serve guests a warm cup of Joe when you’re running low on chips and dip.


If nothing else, you can serve guests a warm cup of Joe when you’re running low on chips and dip.


heavy duty toolboxHeavy-Duty Toolbox

Save on cash and do your own maintenance. Another item essential to the bachelor’s pad is a set of tools. You can start off with the basics: a hammer, a few nails, a screwdriver, a wrench, and a couple of spare nuts and bolts. After you have the basics you can build your toolkit as you go along. It doesn’t pay to buy everything and not know how to use most of the items you have. In addition to your essentials, you can also invest in a step ladder to make it easier for you install bulbs and deal with high-lying construction work.


good tableSurface for Work and Play

Get a good table you can work and eat from. If you’re living alone, a 2 to 4-seater model will do fine. Like having people over? Opt for a roomier 6-seater that can hold all your refreshments. Easy-to-clean surfaces like plastic and vinyl can take away the hassle of after-dinner clean-up. When you’re not in a party mood, you can also convert it into a place to accomplish all your out-of-office tasks.


Think we missed a crucial bachelor pad must-have? Let us know in the comments!

Andrew Lauchengco

Author: Andrew Lauchengco


Andrew is the current Marketing Communications Associate of Megaworld at the Fort focusing on brand development, content management, project execution, and digital marketing. He is a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas with a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Development, and earned his post-graduate diploma in Industrial Relations at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Andrew is also an active musician in the local independent scene and is a martial arts enthusiast.

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