Five DIY Projects to Improve Condo Living

DIY Projects to Improve Condo Living

Now is the era of the do-it-yourself project. Browsing through the net, or even around your neighborhood bookstore, can yield a lot of easy-to-do handicraft to better your condo. Running costs on decor and utilities can go high, so it pays to be able to cut some of those in half by making them yourself. Raw materials are always lower priced than their ready-made counterparts. All you have to do is put in a little elbow-grease, made a little easier by one or two instructional videos and websites.

The projects are quite a hit with many, including college students like Anne and her roommate Ino who live in one of Megaworld at the Fort’s cozy townships. The two FA students made their own bookshelves out of repurposed wood they got from school. “We wanted to put the skills we learned in school to good use,” Anne shares. “These types of projects are very personal and we can get the most out of our space,” Ino adds.

If you’re still a bit daunted by the task at hand, there’s no need to worry. Here are a couple of simple projects to get you started on the road to DIY:

Table Cloth Curtains

Having trouble finding the perfect set of curtains to fit your design scheme? Why not try the kitchenware department, specifically the table cloths. If Scarlett O’Hara was able to turn her curtains into a gown, you can definitely do the same with a good table cloth. Fabric is fabric after all and sometimes you can find exactly what you’re looking for with a little ingenuity.

All you’ll need is a fabric of the appropriate length and a set of pin-type curtain hooks. Make sure that they’re the type that can pierce through the fabric. If not, a little hole-punching is in order. Measure out a 2-2.5 inch intervals on the fabric and fold accordion-style. Place a pin at each point and hang your makeshift curtain up on the rod.  If you need to cut and sew, use a running or back stitch to create a neat-looking hem.

Paint Chip Calendar

Remember all those paint color strips you used to get your apartment color scheme? Don’t throw those away: in fact, take a trip to the hardware store and hoard some more! Instead of trawling bookstores for a funky calendar, you can make one yourself.

Purchase a simple plastic frame and a sheet of glass from your local hardware store. Line your paint chips up accordingly, making sure that you have seven per row and five per column. Create a label for each column corresponding to each day of the week. Frame the entire set-up and hang it up on your wall. You can change dates and add important things to remember by writing on the glass with a whiteboard pen. If you need to make modifications, just wipe it all clean and start over.

Bookend Bookshelf

If you don’t have the space for actual, full-length shelves, try achieving the same effect with bookends. For best effect, buy a metal one from your local bookstore. Using these handy implements you can create a cute, “floating book” effect anywhere in your space.

Line the bookstand on your wall as you would put in on a shelf. Make a mark of the potential position using a pencil. Using a drill, punch two holes into the stand about 2.65 inches apart, leaving an inch-long distance from the top and bottom. Screw the stand into the wall and start piling your books on. Create a pyramid by placing the widest book at the bottom and working your way to the smallest. Make sure that the perpendicular end of the bookend is between the last page and cover of the bottom book and that both ends are balanced. Voila! Your very own bookshelf!

Window Panel Letter Holder

With this project you can recycle old pieces or parts of your home. If you have one of those slatted window or cabinet panels, make sure to get additional use out of them. You’ll need one of those panels, a couple of screws, a drill, and a screwdriver. Throw in some paint and varnish if you want to do additional things design-wise.

Start by painting the shutter or panel in your desired color. Cover with a coat of varnish to keep the paint lasting longer or opt out for a pretty, distressed look. Drill four holes into your wall and do the same thing with your window panel. Hang your letter holder up with screws and stick important documents and envelopes into the slats. You can also add labels to organize the stuff you keep in it.

Cork Bulletin Board

You may be familiar with cork bulletin boards but not quite like this. You’ll need a wooden frame and a lot of corks. You might want to start stocking up on wine bottles for this project. To hang the board up, you’ll need a drill and a nail or screw.

Start by arranging all your corks, horizontally, within the frame. Make sure that each one is packed tightly against the other and that there is no space between corks. You can glue each one in for more durability. Once you’ve filled the space, simply drill a hole into your wall and hang the entire frame up by its hook. You can now start sticking pictures and reminders onto your cork board using push pins.

Don’t be daunted by DIY. With a little experimentation, you can even come up with a few fun projects of your own and make your Megaworld at the Fort condo feel more like a home.

Do you have fun DIY projects of your own? Share it with us in the comments!

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