Do you need an Interior Designer or do you DIY?


If you’re dreaming of a beautifully ornamented, clutter-free living space, then this question has probably crossed your mind – do you really need an Interior Designer or should you just jump in and do it yourself?

The question seems simple, trivial even, but it’s something you need to think about well. To go pro or to go crafty? To splurge or to save? To ask an expert or to trust your gut? When deciding which options to go for, you’ve got a few of considerations to ponder, and some pros and cons to juggle. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled all the basics in one quick list:

FUNDS: How much are you willing to spend?

Hiring an expert comes at a price, hence the question – how much are you willing to pay for a good interior designer? With their help, the tedious parts of the design process (i.e. construction, labor and supply management) will easily be taken off your shoulders. If you’re ready for a major investment—let’s say, settling in a condo unit of your own—then it’s best to go professional. The costs may be high, but the risks are definitely low.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, it could be ideal to DIY. Do-It-Yourself projects eliminate the fees necessary for consultation and labor, allowing you to allocate your extra funds on other design elements. It also gives you the freedom to stretch your budget, putting some projects on hold for as long as you wish, as you save up for the next splurge.

SKILLS: Can you do the job?

Do you have a good grasp of colors, patterns, textures, and space? Can you transform your ideas into well-executed plans? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then DIY is the path for you. It takes a lot of work to execute a meticulous design, but if you have the skills to back you up, then go for it! You might even enjoy the process.

If those questions made you feel a little queasy, then by all means, hire an expert. Interior designers will guide you through the entire process—from picking a color scheme to knocking down a wall—you name it. Uninformed decisions may cost you more and may damage existing structures; it’s best not to underestimate good design and space planning.

SCOPE: What needs to be done?

Major renovations require more work than the average oh-let’s-repaint project. If you want an entirely different look for your home and wish to do away with all the worrisome aspects, an Interior Designer is the best choice you can make. They will take care of everything: negotiating with suppliers, bargaining for lower prices, taking measurements, going through electrical plans, and even obtaining the necessary permits for construction.

While you are at it, remember that space planning is crucial especially for typical condo homes. Smaller units have the tendency to look cramped and cluttered when poorly designed. In such instances, an Interior Designer will help you out with all the plans, make the essential adjustments, and keep your living space functional.

SUPPLY: Do you know who to ask and where to go?

Another pressing concern is this: Where on earth do you find the good stuff?

Do-It-Yourself projects are extremely delightful when you’re a lover of bargain shopping, craftwork, and haggling. It’s even better when you have experienced people to help you out. But for most people, access to these things isn’t a piece of cake, nor do they find it worth their time.

A veteran Interior Designer will know what to do, who to call and where to find the best deals. These are key parts of their everyday life, after all. By hiring them, you get a peek at the prime options, get valuable insights and save time, effort, and money.

TIME: Will your schedule allow this?

Now, after going through those four basic considerations, it all boils down to one last question: Do you have the time?

Remodelling spaces requires total commitment—that means full attention and careful planning. The bigger the project is, the more time you should invest. If you’re working late nights all week and you’re doubting the amount of work you can accomplish, you might want to consider hiring an Interior Designer. After all, this is their job. They devote precious time to cater to all your design needs, prioritizing what needs to be prioritized.

On the other hand, time is an unlikely problem if DIY is something you truly enjoy. It’s seldom difficult to find time for hobbies and activities that could ideally be a form of relaxation to you. DIY projects can also be an opportunity to bond with family—making your home truly yours with your joint efforts.

The next time you find yourself contemplating between hiring an Interior Designer or going DIY, don’t forget to run this list through. In the end, what matters is that you get the job done in the most efficient way possible, while bringing out the best in your living space. For more tips on finding and designing the perfect living space, visit Megaworld at The Fort.

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