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shutterstock_184326854Most people believe that sticking to an all-white color scheme will make a small space like a condo look larger. This is not only limiting, but totally untrue.  Smart, strategic use of different colors—even bright shades like electric blue, or playing with contrasting shades—can create a sense of openness, and more importantly, fun.

Smart, strategic use of different colors can create a sense of openness, and more importantly, fun. 

Stay sharp 

Mark McCauley, author of Interior Design for Idiots, urges condo owners to get “sharp” colors, such as “bright chintzes mixed with colorful plaids or really hot reds and electric blues, yellows and greens.” The trick is to mix it up with plain, neutral colors, so the eye has a place to “rest.” The juxtaposition of color and negative space will make a room look larger and more open. These Virtual House Tours of bright and colorful condos can inspire you. You’ll find lemon yellows and royal blues mixed with happy butterfly prints and abstract patterns–a perfect example of how color can enlarge a space and lift your mood.

Introduce color in quirky ways 

Small but carefully chosen accents can make a big impact. An article in Better Homes and Gardens shows how inexpensive decorations such as a large bouquet of flowers, a vintage pillow, or an accessory on a bookshelf add color and character to a condo. This is also a great way to incorporate personal or meaningful touches to a room: turn a favorite family photo into an art print, or display mementos from a trip.

Create a Focal Wall 

Paint one wall in a contrasting or a deeper color. Your focal or accent wall can help a space recede or draw attention to the best part of the room. The Decorologist gives great examples on how to do an accent wall correctly. It’s amazing how just changing one wall can transform a room and reinforce the look created by the furniture and accessories you have chosen.

Your focal or accent wall can help a space recede or draw attention to the best part of the room.

Try a bold color scheme for your kitchen

Many condo kitchens are compact, but that doesn’t mean you need to scrimp on style.  So you don’t clutter up your work area with décor, turn color into your design statement. This article shows no less than 57 bright and happy kitchen ideas. Who knew that salmon pink, lime green or even bold magenta color schemes could work so beautifully?

New York kitchen designer Jason Laudau says you can also use your colorful walls as a canvas for showing off beautiful décor. “Hang up the china you never use — it saves space, adds color and glams up the kitchen!”

“Hang up the china you never use — it saves space, adds color and glams up the kitchen!” 

Glam it up in the bathroom 

Most people use white, gray or blue in the bathroom—it’s a “safe” color scheme that can be very beautiful if done well. However, try to think out of the box.  Why not a deep chocolate brown, an elegant maroon, or a relaxing sage green, such as these bathroom ideas from Benjamin Moore?

Enrich a color scheme with different paint effects 

The paints today come in lovely finishes, and can be used in combination with special techniques. Some examples of finishes are matte, satin, glossy and semi-glossy, flat enamel and eggshell. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can ask for additional color details, such as distressing a painted cabinet for a shabby chic charm, or splattering the wall, or adding gold stripes—the possibilities are endless. Faux finishes such as pearl or metal can also add character to some areas of the room.

Faux finishes such as pearl or metal can also add character to some areas of the room.

Tap color psychology

Studies show that colors can affect a person’s mood.  As reported by Reader’s Digest, bright colors lift mood and encourage communication; small doses of dark colors can convey security and comfort; warm colors like yellow can energize, and cool colors can calm.   The Interior Design Tutor gives a more complex approach that includes undertones and color families, since it’s simplistic to say that all yellows are energizing. If you love yellow but you want it in your daughter’s room, then you can pick a cooler and lighter buttery shade, instead of the lemon yellow you will find in a kitchen.

One safe approach is to pick a neutral color for the walls—like a light beige or a muted blue—and then apply color psychology to the accent pieces. For example, if you’d like your living room to encourage people to socialize and unwind, you can combine navy blue and bright yellow pillows, and carry the bright color in clustered bursts: sunflowers in a vase on a book case, a series of prints by the doorway.

This article on interior design is brought to you by the interior design team of Megaworld at the Fort.  Do you want to share your color design scheme or find inspiration from what other condo unit owners have done? Visit the Megaworld at the Fort Facebook page and join the community and the conversation!

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