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Five Things You and Your Condo Roommate Must Agree On

Sometimes people are just born to disagree. Despite all your best efforts, you won’t get along with these individuals and it’s better to simply walk away. However, it’s a different story when you’re living with them. For sure you’ve heard about stories regarding roommates from hell and there’s a moral to each and every one […]

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Five Signs Your Condo Association Practices Good Management

Condo management deals with the majority of unit and building-related issues. From mediating disputes to dealing with maintenance, they keep the day-to-day activities running smoothly. Knowing that your place has good management is a definite point in your favor. It counts for a lot when putting your unit up for lease or selling it to […]

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Single vs. Double – What Type of Unit Suits You?

Size is a prime consideration when purchasing a condo unit. Major property developer Megaworld at The Fort, for instance, gets many inquiries regarding apartment dimensions and variants. Are you the type of person who’s happy in a studio apartment or would you prefer a double-bedroom? Is one really better than the other? Without the proper […]

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First Night In: Coping with the Homesickness Blues

  Getting your own place is a rite of passage almost everyone is familiar with. Aside from giving you that irreplaceable feeling of independence, it’s that step into adulthood everyone takes sooner or later. Though it can feel incredibly liberating, living on your own can also be lonely. True, there are those fortunate enough to […]

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5 Reasons Yuppies Will Love Living In The Fort

If you haven’t been to Bonifacio Global City in the Fort, then you’ve been working too hard. It is one of the most dynamic areas in Metro Manila — dubbed the next capital central business district because of the number of multinationals and embassies that now hold office there. Aside from its growing pedigree in […]

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