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5 Steps to Creating the Top Interior Design Styles of 2015: Casual, Rustic and Upscale

The home is an extension of your personality, and only when your interior design complements your individual style can you truly feel ‘at home’. Your personal space should not only provide you comfort and security. More importantly, your interior décor should mirror how you feel and present yourself to others. Three of the most popular […]

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Economic Outlook: Philippines in 2015

The Philippines continues to exhibit significant economic potential and long-term sustainable growth, proving that it is, beyond doubt, a good investment country. With the boost in anti-corruption campaigns, increased government spending on public-private partnership (PPP) projects, and the efforts towards the ASEAN Integration, “the next Asian Miracle”, as the World Bank Doing Business Report puts […]

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The OFW Guide to Getting Bank Financing

Based on the results of the 2014 Survey on Overseas Filipinos, the total number of Filipinos dispersed across the globe is 2.3 million. While Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) come from diverse backgrounds, their common denominator is the critical role they play in strengthening our economy, primarily through their remittances. The increased purchasing power of OFWs, […]

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Simple Ways to Keep Your Condo Organized

Does having a smaller space really mean less mess? Current property development trends are moving toward more streamlined units in answer to increasingly busier lifestyles. Megaworld at the Fort is only one of those who prioritize compact, yet spacious apartment spaces. However, no matter how tiny your condo is, there’s still a possibility that things […]

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Five DIY Projects to Improve Condo Living

Now is the era of the do-it-yourself project. Browsing through the net, or even around your neighborhood bookstore, can yield a lot of easy-to-do handicraft to better your condo. Running costs on decor and utilities can go high, so it pays to be able to cut some of those in half by making them yourself. […]

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