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Tips on Being a Great Condo Neighbor

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Wherever you live, you’ll have to learn to get along with people around you. These days, condos have evolved past a collection of static individuals living separately in different units. The current trend is a community of residents who live, work, and play together. Townships, like those by Megaworld at The Fort, are a perfect […]

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People in Your Condo You Should Know

It’s been said that one can never know who their real friends are until faced with a crisis situation, where true friends stand out from the rest. Living in a condominium right in the heart of the city can be scary, especially for first-timers. One of the first things you should do is to get […]

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Safety First: Security Practices in Your Building

The main draw of condo units today is the added feature of security. Many developers, like Megaworld at the Fort, consider tenant safety a priority and take measures to enforce privacy protection and the like. It has evolved to become one of the main considerations of those looking to invest in their own apartment. A […]

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Signs Your Condo’s Structure was Well-Planned

When looking for a condo, it’s good to find one that is well-planned. You’ll want a space that will last you years, thus a well-designed building is your ticket to a great residence. As with some property developers like Megaworld at The Fort, most of the time you’ll get a condo that’s in the pre-construction […]

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5 Condo Living Perks To Enjoy

  If real estate analysts can pinpoint one of the most popular trends in the Philippines, it is condo living. The growing popularity of high-rise apartments can be seen in the various skyscrapers cropping up all over the metro. Where once investing in actual homes was the preferred mode of living, future generations are moving […]

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Best Ways to Avoid Condo Rental Scams

We wish we could say that there’s nothing to renting a condo. If you’re in the market for a new place, chances are you’ll encounter scammers. They’re not hard to find since most industries are full of people looking to take advantage of others’ hard-earned cash. In the apartment business, they take the form of […]

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Five Signs Your Condo Association Practices Good Management

Condo management deals with the majority of unit and building-related issues. From mediating disputes to dealing with maintenance, they keep the day-to-day activities running smoothly. Knowing that your place has good management is a definite point in your favor. It counts for a lot when putting your unit up for lease or selling it to […]

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Simple Ways to Keep Your Condo Organized

Does having a smaller space really mean less mess? Current property development trends are moving toward more streamlined units in answer to increasingly busier lifestyles. Megaworld at the Fort is one of those who prioritize compact, yet spacious apartment spaces. However, no matter how tiny your condo is, there’s still a possibility that things can […]

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Single vs. Double – What Type of Unit Suits You?

Size is a prime consideration when purchasing a condo unit. Major property developer Megaworld at The Fort, for instance, gets many inquiries regarding apartment dimensions and variants. Are you the type of person who’s happy in a studio apartment or would you prefer a double-bedroom? Is one really better than the other? Without the proper […]

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