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5 Color Combinations That are Perfect for Modern Condos

Have you ever walked into a home and felt like something is not quite right, but you couldn’t quite figure it out? Chances are, there is something off with the interior’s color scheme. Considering the limited space in a typical condominium unit, a good color flow or a balanced color scheme plays an important role […]

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5 Steps to Creating the Top Interior Design Styles of 2015: Casual, Rustic and Upscale

The home is an extension of your personality, and only when your interior design complements your individual style can you truly feel ‘at home’. Your personal space should not only provide you comfort and security. More importantly, your interior décor should mirror how you feel and present yourself to others. Three of the most popular […]

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Stop the Meltdown: Keeping Your Condo Unit Cool

Given that we live in a tropical country, things are bound to heat up sooner or later. This is especially true during the summer months when the temperature can become unbearable. A few property developers, like Megaworld at The Fort, consider building options that reduce heat, such as centralized air-conditioning and insulated construction materials. Unfortunately, […]

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Five Fool-Proof Resources for Condo Decorating

  The look of a place is often a very serious consideration for most condo dwellers. Most of the time, you end up with basic furniture and not much in terms of décor. Units at Megaworld at the Fort’s latest township, for instance, are modeled in Venetian luxury but interiors contain only the essentials: a […]

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How To Stay Cool In A Condo Without Airconditioning

They say that Manila only has three kinds of weather:  hot, very hot, and hot and humid. However, it’s expensive to keep the air conditioner running the whole day.  Megaworld at the Fort shares these budget-friendly tips on how to keep your condo unit–and your electricity bills–well below boiling point.  

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