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Wouldn’t it be great to have a carefree life? If only we could escape the deadlines and responsibilities, and go to a “happy place” filled only with the things we love and the activities we enjoy. Vacations give us some respite, but how many times a year can we fly to an island? Is there any way to enjoy this lifestyle every single day?

While responsibilities are part of adult life, new lifestyle developments like Megaworld townships create a carefree sanctuary you can come home to every single day. 


Youre 15 minutes away from work, but a world away from the stress

Megaworld at the Fort is just a short drive away from Makati, Ortigas and the airport. However, once you enter the area, you feel you’ve entered another world. Unlike the congested, polluted, and traffic-clogged streets of the rest of the metro, the area is designed to be as beautiful as it is efficient. World-class architecture, carefully maintained landscapes, wide streets and well-situated recreational and entertainment facilities—you will find harmony, order and a sense of space, all very rare in a bustling city capital.

You don’t have to lift a finger

One of the benefits of condo living is that you don’t have to deal with the responsibilities of exterior maintenance, repair and upkeep. The condo management takes care of public areas like the gardens and recreational facilities, and provides 24-hour building security. While homeowners are responsible for their own units, you know you can depend on the quality of the area that you live in, which of course impacts your quality of life.

You feel like you’re living in a hotel

The best-designed luxury condos have the ambience and design that you’d typically find at a hotel. It’s all in the beautiful details and the extra perks. For example, nearly all condos have a gym, but at Megaworld’s Uptown Ritz, the exercise facilities have been designed to maximize natural light and the exciting view. The treadmills overlook the pool area and wide, blue sky — it’s almost like you’re taking a walk outdoors, but still enjoy cool airconditioning!  The pool area is brilliantly designed to have a shaded area to protect you and your kids from the harsh Manila sun. The modern black and white lobby, with its art photos and sculptural walls, are as elegant as any you’d find in a classy hotel. The only thing missing is room service!

Megaworld’s Uptown Ritz, the exercise facilities have been designed to maximize natural light and the exciting view.


The best party places are within walking distance

Home is where the heart is, but premiere lifestyle developer Megaworld takes “the good life” a step further. Its integrated townships are built around a “Live.Work.Play.Learn.Shop.” development concept. The residential buildings are part of a community that includes shopping, dining and recreational centers as well as a corporate district.

This means that when you need an escape, you’re not limited to the confines of your home. You can bring a book to a coffee shop, or invite a friend to meet you at a trendy bar for drinks and music. You can go to a museum, shop for a new outfit at the best boutiques, or sit in on a free concert under the stars. You can watch a movie or take your dog for a walk around the park. You can do anything, because the township is designed to cater to every need or whim.

You dont have to spend a lot on maintenance

A big house requires a lot of work, time and money to maintain. You have to clean the rooms, water the garden, and even if you hire a household staff, you will need to train and manage them. Condo living lets you streamline your space and your daily routine. Instead of spending your weekends vacuuming the various dusty nooks and crannies, you can stay in bed…and isn’t that what weekends are for?

You can trust the instincts of the developer

If you were building a home from the ground up, you’d have to deal with permits, contractors, and wade through blueprint after blueprint. However, when you buy a condo from a reputable developer, you can bank on its track record to deliver a piece of property that is world-class. For example, Megaworld Corporation is the Philippine’s largest residential condominium developer, business process outsourcing office provider, and landlord. It has an unprecedented track record of completing more than 250 residential buildings, office towers, commercial centers, and world-class hotels since 1994. That’s experience you can’t overlook. They know what they are doing and you can rest assured that any property they develop will adhere to the highest quality and standards.

Megaworld Corporation is the Philippine’s largest residential condominium developer, business process outsourcing office provider, and landlord.

Carefree, happy, and content

No other property development offers such a complete set of lifestyle amenities. While some may talk of unit size or affordable payments, the benefits end within the building. At Megaworld at the Fort, you get an entire community, which contributes to the quality of life that you will enjoy.

After all, you are a responsible, hardworking and successful person, and it is only right that you reward yourself with a beautiful home–one that helps you feel carefree, happy and content, not just during your vacation, but every day.

Author: Megaworld at the Fort


Megaworld is the country’s leading residential condominium developer and pioneer of the LIVE-WORK-PLAY-LEARN-SHOP township concept.

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