Best Houseplants for Condos

plants for condos

Adding a bit of greenery to your condo is the perfect way to add a fresh touch to the ambiance and accent existing décor. Finding the ideal houseplant, however, is easier said than done. If you’re not exactly in possession of a green thumb it can be difficult to sustain more delicate species. Light, food, water, air quality, these can all be quite taxing to address, especially with time constraints the busy urbanite has to handle.

Those who simply do not have the resources to deal with demanding types of plants can easily seek out something more low-maintenance. Space is also a consideration when selecting your leafy home companion. That said, a five-foot tall Rubber Plant may not be the perfect addition to your living room, but these options can certainly work:

Adding a bit of greenery to your condo is the perfect way to add a fresh touch to the ambiance and accent existing décor.

Aloe VeraAloe

Aside from being a great addition to your hair regimen, Aloe Vera also makes a great condo plant. The spiky leaves open up beautifully, creating a blooming flower effect that makes for a statement addition to living areas.

The only requirement to keep this plant going is a lot of sun exposure. A lot of water can be the death of it, though, so make sure to be cautious when watering.


Aside from being a great addition to your hair regimen, Aloe Vera also makes a great condo plant.


areca palmAreca Palm

Give your place an obvious resort getaway vibe with the spreading leaves and stems of this tropical plant. It can grow up to seven feet in height, which can be a problem for places lacking in space. Occasional pruning can help keep it in check, but a smaller pot will do just fine.

Thriving on little water and dry soil, it won’t take much on your end to keep it in tip-top shape.



cactusThe biggest draw of most cacti is that they are relatively low-maintenance. They are also a good match for rustic décor schemes. Pick smaller, potted variants you can line up along counters or a medium-sized one you can house on the balcony.

Caring for the cactus involves providing good ground ventilation. You can purchase pre-potted cacti with special soil mixes that allow the plant to breathe better in enclosed environments. These are also readily available at most gardening stores, just in case you need to manually repot your plant. Watering can be done every 4-5 weeks, since cacti can store a ready supply that can last for days.

Your cactus might need a little sunlight from time to time so a window location may be ideal. Replacing natural sunlight can be done with white fluorescent bulbs or sun lamps as well.

 Caring for the cactus involves providing good ground ventilation.

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese EvergreenAlso called Silver Green, this plant’s mottled, long-stemmed leaves make it an interesting addition to any condo unit. Moderate in size, they look lovely when used as coffee table centrepieces or corner accents when grouped together with freestanding lamps and sculptures.

They’ve been known to survive in low-light conditions with minimal watering. You can simply place them on the windowsill once in a while for the required sun exposure.

Chinese Evergreen is lovely when used as coffee table centerpieces or corner accents. 


Castiron Plant

castironAnother member of the long-leafy green family, it’s deep verdant leaves are great for bringing a distinct tropical feel to spaces. True to its name, the hardiness of this plant has to be experienced to be believed. Able to survive event the coldest temperatures, you can turn on the air-conditioning up to full volume without a care.

It tends to thrive in shady areas, so keeping it away from direct sunlight is a priority. Even with irregular watering, this is one plant that sure to survive almost anything you throw its way.



Ficus plantThere’s just something about this plant that tends to lighten the mood. In topiary form or in its all-natural state, it loves warm weather making it perfect for tropical environments. You can also expect it to live through minimal watering, so feel free to keep the attention to a minimum.

 Ficus plant tends to lighten one’s mood. 

Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

mother in law's tongueEven with its abnormal appellation, this plant is something you’ll want to consider for your condo. Long, slender, wide-tipped leaves make a statement not only with their unique shape but color as well. Bright yellow borders contrast their spotted centers giving the plant a fun, retro feel.

Whether in the most remote corners of your bedroom or right by the doorway, they conform to even the darkest areas. Minimal light requirements, in addition to a light need for water make it one of the most low maintenance plants you’ll ever find. You would want to keep your pets away from this baby, though—just like its namesake, it’s deadly poisonous.


 Long, slender, wide-tipped leaves make a statement not only with their unique shape but color as well. 



Easy to care for and poised as perfect conversation pieces, these plants will make a wonderful addition to your apartment’s style. Of course, it helps that condominiums these days have become more conducive to a little greenery. Megaworld at the Fort, for example, has incorporated Mother Nature in its developments and opts for green and luxurious amenities in their properties. Green living has never been easier.

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