A Weekend at the McKinley Hill: A Weekend Guide for Families and Friends

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Are you looking for a nice place in the metro where you can relax and enjoy the weekend with your family? Megaworld at the Fort’s McKinley Hill is the perfect place to take leisurely strolls with the kids, try a new restaurant, watch famous artists perform in a mini concert, and do a few other things that you won’t be able to do anywhere else in the city. Here’s a glimpse of a fun family weekend at various spots within McKinley Hill.

Feed the pigeons at The Venice Pizza

There is no substitute to traditional outdoor activities where kids can interact with other kids and, in this case, resident pigeons! Today, when most of their play time is spent playing games on their computer tablets, it can be quite an adventure for kids to be outside, exploring the different things around them, and making new experiences.

For a change, take your kids to the Venice Piazza and allow them to experience the simple joys of seeing pigeons gather around them as they sprinkle bird seeds on the ground. It can be quite therapeutic to see the huge smiles on your kids as they experience happiness through the act of giving.

Enjoy good food at the Tuscany

If you happen to be busy with work most of the week and you rarely make it on time for dinner, then the weekends are the best time for you to catch up with the family over good food. The Tuscany at McKinley Hill is a wonderful destination to satisfy cravings and discover new restaurants.

Are you too tired from all the overtime work and traffic from the week that was? L.E.S. (Lower East Side) Bagels opens as early as 7 in the morning so you don’t have to prepare breakfast before you head out. Choose from their selection of gourmet bagels and cream cheese concoctions.

For lunch, try the authentic, flavorful Italian cuisine at Marciano’s. This resto has the perfect dish for every member of the family – pasta creations for mom, pizza for the kids, and premium cut steaks for dad. Or maybe you’d want to try seafood dishes presented in unique and delightful bags at Bag O’ Shrimps. Choose from four deliciously mouthwatering flavors: Lemon Pepper, Cajun, Garlic Butter, and the Bag O’ Mama which is a mix of the first three.

And of course, always make room for dessert. Sophie’s Mom is cupcake heaven. Walk into this charming, quaint bakery with dainty interiors and choose among the many sweet pastries, breads, and cookies they offer. Their Red Velvet and Tres Leches cupcakes are simply delicious. And your kids will love the Strawberry and Frozen Brazo Mochi ice cream balls. Their mochi truffles are also a must-try!

Catch live performances at the Venice Piazza

The Venice Piazza is always alive with entertainment. Just last June 20, Asia’s Got Talent winner, El Gamma Penumbra, paid a tribute to dads through their popular shadow dance. A few months back, world renowned singer and performer Lea Salonga with Gerard Salonga and the Filharmonika Orchestra filled the Italian-inspired venue with beautiful music. And last April, kids had a blast in a meet and greet event featuring Peppa Pig. Stay up to date with the events at McKinley Hill by visiting this page – megaworldlifestylemalls.com/main/promos_events.

Watch or play football at the Emperador Stadium

Also known as the Mckinley Hill Football Field, this all-weather football pitch made of artificial turf sits on 15,000 square meters of land in McKinley Hill. The Emperador Stadium has a seating capacity of 2,000 and is home to the United Football League (UFL).

If you love football, you will enjoy the vast greens here at the Emperador Stadium. Last May 31, Megaworld Corporation, the Corporate Football Association (CFA), and Puma, launched the first Megaworld Cup with a special football showcase by members of the Azkals, celebrity football players, and today’s top young footballers. Dubbed as the Puma Head2Head Challenge, the event featured the best young players from top high schools and colleges within Metro Manila, who competed in a five-on-five exhibition game. Highlighting the football event was the match between the Azkals and celebrity football players.

You can also rent the stadium for an hour or two and have a football mini-match with family, relatives, and friends. Considering the heat and humidity, the stadium is best enjoyed early in the morning or at night. You can reserve two hours for PhP7,000, which is standard time for a good game of 11-a-side.

Weekend Bazaars at The Venice Piazza

Enjoy bargains and quality items from food and clothes to useful trinkets at the Venice Piazza. Dad’s Day Out, a Fathers’ Day bazaar, was recently last June 18 to 20. There were a lot of great finds at very affordable prices for dad’s special day, from clothes and footwear to accessories and mobile products. If you want to catch great deals, visit The Venice Piazza’s bazaars.

There are more ways to enjoy weekends within the city than just watching movies and eating in restos inside a crowded mall. Make the most out of the time you spend with your family and spend it well in McKinley Hill.

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