A Current Look at Philippine Real Estate Demographics

A Current Look at Philippine Real Estate DemographicsWhat makes for a good investment climate? The balance between hinging on bets and decreasing losses is very delicate and one slip can mean the loss of millions. Most experts are looking to our country as a prime opportunity while other more cautious parties are waiting in the wings for more solid information.  Are we really headed into a new era of prosperity.

The Situation Today and Tomorrow

economyThere is no denying that the country is on an upward trajectory in terms of investment opportunities. During the ASEAN briefing earlier this year, it was determined that the Philippines is now the new “investment sweet spot” and will continue to be for the next 10-15 years. Despite the current slew of natural disasters that have hit and continue to plague the nation, the economic situation is even stronger than ever.  Investment experts attribute this to a little bit of luck and our strong showing in terms of the undeniable GDP growth of 7.2%, in the last year alone.

This value continues to climb at a rate of 7-8% per year with no signs of slowing down. The current working population is favoring the rise of a younger, more determined breed who is highly focused on financial success. They also carry a lower number of dependents, making them more financially capable in the long-run.  Desirable opportunities are visible in gaming revenues, tourism, and the burgeoning real estate market.

Real Estate Climate

real estate climateIt would seem that all the economic factors are increasing the Philippine investment popularity.  In a recent report by a local publication, John P. Fitzgerald, Chief Executive for Asia Pacific of Urban Land Institute (ULI) shared that the country was counted among the top five most desirable locations for real estate investment.  This is a big change from years ago where the country never went higher than 12th place. Manila is now enjoying a top spot as 4th ranked investment prospect along with cities like Shanghai, Jakarta, Tokyo, and Sydney.

Metro ManilaIn terms of development class, residential opportunities come in at a close second to industrial and distribution sectors. Office, retail, and hotel investments round out the list of rankings, with the Philippines coming out on top for both retail and residential investment. All in all, the country is now considered a go-to destination for those looking to invest in choice real estate. Things are solid at the moment, but experts claim that the situation will become even more favorable in the coming years.

Currently, Metro Manila is the center of all things real estate-related. Majority of the more desirable prospects are located at Makati and The Fort, which also happen to be two of the major centers of commerce in the metropolis. Given the rising demand for residential space top developers, like Megaworld at The Fort, are rushing to keep up. Due to the high marketability of these areas, low vacancy is expected in the coming months and years.

Too Good to Be True?

real estate bubbleThere is no success without doubt and the country has had its share, now most especially. A few suggest the presence of a real estate bubble, one that is precariously set to pop at any time. Some also speculate that the current slowdown in property price increase is set to herald the beginning of the end. Despite the recent changes, experts continue to report that these fluctuations are to be expected.  Even with the slight loss in momentum, exponential growth continues to be an inevitability. If all factors in government and economy continue to be unanimously aligned, we can expect the real estate market to flourish and become even more prosperous than ever.

Do you think that the progress that we are enjoying now is only a product of a “real estate bubble”? Let us know in the comments!

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