8 tips on how to become a top real estate specialist

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If you think that being in real estate isn’t easy, it’s because it isn’t easy. It requires hard work and commitment, which you will realize whether you’re new to the industry or you’ve spent years selling properties.

However, it does not mean success is impossible. With the right knowledge and drive, combined with effective marketing strategies, you’ll reap the rewards of professional development and excellent income. Below are some tips to guide you to becoming the best real estate specialist in town.

  1. Keep learning. Just like in any field, knowledge is power. Continuous learning keeps you ahead of the competition. You need to be a real estate expert; know more than just the properties you sell—learn about the industry, market trends, and purchasing behavior. Attend seminars and training sessions when you can, because when you learn more, you earn more.
  1. Don’t be afraid of the quota. Does your quota matter? Absolutely. Should it scare you? Definitely not. Think of it as a motivation; it’s your best measuring tool to see how close you are to your goals. It helps in creating your game plan and devising your strategies.
  1. Be client-motivated. In real estate, it’s all about building relationships. What matters is not only the quantity, but the quality of your network—how many satisfied customers you have. And if you want to be remembered, understand and prioritize clients’ needs.
  1. Always be ahead of the pack. You need to think, too. As the saying goes, “lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.” You need not to worry about others’ opinions to seek approval for your life direction. Look inward and trust your instincts. The most successful and smartest people are those who think for themselves.
  1. Respect the seniors. Your leaders came from humble beginnings, too, and they know that respect is all part of their character development. It’s so much easier to work in an environment where people feel valued—including the bosses. Sometimes it becomes a struggle to respect authority and obey rules; you simply can’t accept discipline even if it’s the right thing to do. But remember, you cannot gain something you don’t give to others.
  1. It’s energy that matters. The secret to an effective presentation is energy. What your clients see is far more important than the words they hear. Capture their attention from time to time by either changing your voice level or asking questions. Speak with confidence and conviction all throughout your presentation. The key? Believe in what you’re selling and show your own excitement about it.
  1. Never forget your goals. Setting goals is one thing; focusing on them is another. Somewhere in the middle of your career, you’ll feel lost and would want to give up. And that’s okay. It’s all part of the process. There will be distractions and struggles along the way, but if you keep your eyes on the prize, you’ll surely get there and thank yourself for pushing harder.
  1. Have fun. Work is work, but it doesn’t mean you need to be serious all the time! You can still have fun while being productive. Loosen up a bit and have a sense of humor during conversations with co-workers. Quit complaining, focus on the positive things you have, and radiate that vibe within the workplace. Doing so will lighten your mood and make your job easier and more fulfilling.

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Author: Kesiah Alvarez


Kesiah is the Jr. Supervisor for Marketing Communications for Megaworld at The Fort. She handles brand strategy, concept development, and media management. She is a graduate of BA Communication from Miriam College. Kesiah is also an avid fan of the local music scene and enjoys watching sci-fi and romcom movies.

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  1. Roger

    Thanks, Megaworld for your post.I think learning is a continuous process.Without proper, learning It is simply impossible to run a single Any specialization needs proper knowledge and knowledge is the keyword of your success.

    Your strategies are simply outstanding to understand the core value of the business.Your described points are effective and it has changed my perceptions too.Already I am applying all these tools for development of my learning process.

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