6 Safety Tips for Children who are Living in Your Condo

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Condo living is an ideal choice for young families given the affordable pricing, strategic location, security, and the general conveniences that come with it. While staying in a condo is advantageous for young couples, a condo can present unforeseen dangers to kids, especially those who are 2 to  6 years old.

Of course, there is no doubt that condos are safe for kids. Parents simply need to apply a series of safety measures to keep them safe from harm. Kids stand to enjoy condo living with the playgrounds and swimming pool found within the complex, and you can keep them happy and healthy by putting a high premium on their safety.

Cover exposed electric sockets

An electric socket is often a point of interest for any child. Whether they want to touch or play with it, better leave it to them and to their imagination of what might be inside the hole, just not their safety.

What you can do is install socket covers on the outlets, even electric sockets that you don’t use often.  Lecturing and warning also goes a long way. Smart kids might wind up removing the covers and harming themselves in the process, so warning them beforehand is advisable.

Keep cords out of sight

Always keep cords in concealed areas of a room. If you can secure them to the wall, you might as well do so to keep your place electrocution-proof and trip-free. Position glass vases and other fragile objects away from the cords in the event that the child manages to pry the cord free. Again, frequent reminders also help. Teaching them to keep away from cords decreases the likelihood of harm.

Stow chemicals, medicine, & poisonous solutions from reach

Children have the penchant of playing with oddly-shaped bottles and shiny cans. The containers of potentially harmful solutions do fit the bill. Store them in a hidden location or a place that your kids can’t reach. If possible, you can install high shelves for chemical storage and another set for medicines.

Apart from chemical solutions, you should keep a watchful eye on chipped off paint and wooden shards as kids might attempt to ingest or taste them. If your neighbors are doing some minor construction work in their unit, instruct them to clean up after.

Keep plants and sharp objects away

Kids love to chew on random things like pencils and utensils just to satisfy their taste-related curiosity. Plants are an easy target, with them often lying in visible corners. Some shrubs happen to be poisonous when ingested or trigger allergic reactions. You can reposition your plants to hard-to-climb sections of your condo. And as for sharp objects, hide them along with your industrial equipment in a toolbox, which is stowed under the bed or in hard-to-reach cabinets.

Childproof your balcony

Most people go for condo units with balconies offering picturesque views of the city. While this ups the aesthetics of the place, it is a danger zone for kids. Balcony railings sometimes have gaps in which a child can slip through. Secure the openings with netting, a gate, or any strong material. Don’t put furniture on the rails or any item that your kid can push. Also, avoid positioning tables and chairs too close to the railing to prevent the child from climbing.

Avoid strangers and introduce your kids to the neighbors

Teach your kid to not talk to strangers or to let anyone inside the unit when you are not around. You should also consider getting to know your neighbors and introducing your kids to them. Neighbors are great sources of help and rescue for kids especially if you are not around. And for any sign of trouble, you can be sure that your neighbor will come to your kids’ rescue aside from the security guards of the condo.

What about you – do you live with kids in your condo? What other tips can you share in child-proofing a unit? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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