5 tips on finding work-life balance at home

On a normal day, many of us would strive to wake up before the alarm sets off, have our morning coffee, and head to work. We’d spend the rest of our daytime in the office, often socializing with colleagues during breaks. However, our routines began to change when the coronavirus rapidly spread all over the world and we all needed to stay home, be safe and healthy. 

With the pandemic and strict lockdowns, thousands of workers were suddenly introduced to telecommuting. We are now in our respective homes, getting the work done and joining virtual meetings. Remote work has eventually become part of an employee’s new reality. And believe it or not, I too have found this sudden transition challenging. There has been a constant struggle in juggling responsibilities at home, being productive, and giving myself the personal time that I need. I have been trying out new ways of working to avoid burnout, and here are some tips that I can share as we all strive to find the perfect balance between work and well-being.

1. Stick to your regular schedule. 

You need to practice working during the same hours that you’d have in the office. Set clear times when to start and end your workday, to avoid overworking and extreme fatigue. It is also important that you plan your day ahead and accomplish tasks before a given deadline.

2. Establish a morning routine.

Another way to find balance is crafting a consistent morning routine that you love. You can cook a healthy breakfast, read one chapter of a book, have a 30-minute full body workout session, or even write about the things that you are grateful for the day. As long as you love the activity, do it! What matters is that the routine would set the productivity tone as you begin your work.

3. Schedule work breaks.

While beating the deadlines is a must, it is still necessary to have an adequate time to stretch or unwind. Avoid staring at your screens for too long as it also has adverse health effects. Taking breaks will also leave you mentally refreshed, helping you think of new creative ideas for the project that you’re working on.

4. Avoid personal distractions as much as possible.

To stay focused, you need to have a dedicated workspace and limit home distractions. Your favorite Netflix series can surely wait. Letting your family know of your busy and available times can also help establish boundaries and make your work easier.

5. Reward yourself and re-connect.

After finishing the day, reward yourself for a job well done! You can call a friend or catch up with a loved one. We are all social human beings, and the lack of in-person contact can cause loneliness. We may not be physically together now, but by staying connected virtually, we can still make each other feel that we are not alone.

Author: Jilliane Dimaano


Jilliane is a Training and Recruitment Associate for Megaworld at The Fort. She handles the hiring process, trains incoming Property Specialists, and facilitates company events . She is a graduate of BA Behavioral Sciences from University of the Philippines Manila. Jill is also a health enthusiast and has a deep passion for nutrition and wellness.

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