5 Steps to Creating the Top Interior Design Styles of 2015: Casual, Rustic and Upscale

interior design styles 2015

The home is an extension of your personality, and only when your interior design complements your individual style can you truly feel ‘at home’. Your personal space should not only provide you comfort and security. More importantly, your interior décor should mirror how you feel and present yourself to others.

Three of the most popular interior design styles today are casual, rustic and upscale.

casual home interior design

A casual home interior design is all about comfort. It is characterized by simple details, textured elements in fabrics and accessories, bold use of shapes, oversized and overstuffed furniture, and clean, simple surfaces.

rustic home interior design

A rustic home is marked by simplicity and warmth. There is an emphasis in natural materials, free-form shapes, and the art of repurposing. This type of interior design brings a feeling of beautiful practicality and purpose.

Dining room in luxury home white cabinetry

An upscale setting is luxurious and elegant. Everything from color to material speaks of class and sophistication. This type of home is filled with accents made of crystal, silk, silver and chrome with intricate designs that make you feel nothing short of modern royalty.

If you cannot decide which interior design style to implement, no worries! Here, we’ll share with you how to achieve a casual, rustic or upscale look in 5 easy ways.

Set the mood with fantastic lighting

The interior design of any space is never complete without lighting. Aside from the illumination that sets the mood in a particular room, the finish of the light fixtures you select add details that complement the rest of your home décor.

lighting for casual interior design

A casual interior will need simple light fixtures, such as flush mount ceiling lights, modern floor lamps, and table lamps that have solid, neutral shades.

stylish lamp for rustic home

For a rustic home, go for fixtures with warm, heavy metals with a hint of wear and tear, such as bronze, copper, pewter, and iron.

light fittings for upscale interior

For an upscale residence, elevate the atmosphere with exquisite light fittings like impressive chandeliers, floor, and table lamps. You can also use lighting to highlight some of the upscale design elements you have in the room, like a painting or sculpture.

Add color in your space

casual interior colors

Casual interior colors are soft, light, and pale. Paint your walls cream, white, or lighter hues of blue or green.

Rustic decor living room

The rustic palette is comprised of natural, woodsy tints inspired by tree bark, stone and soil as well as jewel tones and playful pastels such as magenta and lime green.

modern spacious for upscale interior

The upscale home’s sophistication and affluence will be best expressed with a crisp white or high-pigment paint in a neutral hue. Another trick that will add that luxe finish to this upscale theme is to paint the interior doors black. This will instantly give the space an expensive vibe. Don’t forget to complement the black doors with other black accessories.

Add great accents

Complement your casual interior décor with items made of hammered iron, wrought iron, carved wood, and antiqued brass to give your home a relaxed and comfortable feel.

vegetable shelfA rustic home can be accentuated with objects that are reinvented to create practical yet beautiful pieces, from crates used as shelves or tables to lamps made from empty bottles.

For an upscale home interior, achieve a polished look with silver, chrome and brushed nickel. Gold is passé while silver provides a more elegant, modern feel to the home. It also reflects light better than gold, so you can achieve that sparkling, rich effect.

Choose the right furniture

living area

Casual furnishings provide ease of space for different activities. The couch would be big, long and horizontal and made of textured fabric, such as cotton, linen and wool weaving. Furnishings would be neutral colors such as tan, beige, cream, or gray to exude that creative look.

Antique Furniture

A rustic space is furnished with wooden objects, such as tables and chairs made of wooden logs or pine. Another excellent option would be metal-worked furniture. The key is to observe how the materials and colors in the room work together. You can also throw in some quilts that are a natural partner for rustic style.

trendy furniture

For an upscale décor, instantly add magnificence to your home by selecting grandiose furniture made of delicate fabric or fine leather with intricate detailing.

Give your windows some personality

light control for casual interior

Blinds and shutters are perfect for privacy and light control in homes with a casual interior design. You can also opt with lightweight cotton curtains and non-traditional draperies, as long as they are simple and neutral.

Luxurious red chair

For rustic windows, use curtains made of sturdy fabrics like burlap, linen, cotton, or wool with strong and streamlined patterns, such as ikat to blend nicely with the rest of the home’s décor.

white curtains

For an upscale interior, hang sheer curtains as close to the ceiling as possible, draping gracefully down to the floor, to draw the eyes up and create the illusion of fullness.

Just as you pick out clothes and accessories that reflect your personality, you should also choose a home interior that reflects your personal taste. Styling your home based on your preferences and lifestyle makes it an even more comfortable and relaxing place to come home to at the end of a busy day. It can also be an interesting conversation starter when you invite guests over for the first time.

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