5 Reasons Why Your Kids Will Love Living At The Fort


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Most people think that condos are better suited for single yuppies, newlyweds or retirees — in other words, “anyone who doesn’t have kids.” This belief is fueled by the misconception that families need large living spaces and the traditional backyard and picket fence. However, forward-thinking developers such as Megaworld are creating lifestyle hubs that are perfect for families. All Megaworld developments follow its philosophy of “Live. Work. Play. Learn. Shop”, which means that residents move into a complete community that addresses all your family’s needs. If you have children and are in the midst of deciding whether or not to buy a condo unit at one of the properties of Megaworld at The Fort, these five reasons will help sway that decision towards “buy!”:

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Your kids will have all the space they need A home doesn’t have to be big to be comfortable or beautiful. Many interior designers are trained to maximize space through multi-functional furniture, vertical storage, and innovative uses of corners. So don’t think your kids will be bumping into tables or burying you under toys that can’t fit into their closets. The trick isn’t to get a bigger space but to make smarter use of it — architectural magazines are full of great examples of comfortable condo living! And don’t forget that your kids will have the most amazing backyard in Manila — The Fort!  They will have a park to play in and winding sidewalks to explore. Megaworld’s residential developments are also equipped with swimming pools, and parents know that that alone will make kids really happy!

Your kids will be near schools The Fort’s central location means that your kids’ daily ride to school will be much shorter and more convenient. They don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn or spend two hours navigating traffic — with that kind of commute, they’d be exhausted before classes even started! By investing in a prime location, parents also invest in their kids’ comfort, and we all know that these small details do make a big difference in quality of life. Aside from academic institutions (International schools of the US, UK, Japan, China, and Korea), the area is also home to recreational education facilities: there’s a big jungle gym next to the toy store, and a large bookstore that has a wide selection of children’s books. Some toy stores and museums also offer Lego workshops, clay classes, and other art and science discovery programs. This means that your child is just a short walk away from great after-school or weekend enrichment programs.

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Family bonding is just a few steps away Why wait until a big vacation to have a lot of fun? You and your kids can just cross the street to share a cupcake at a favorite cafe, browse at one of the biggest bookstores in the city, or share an ice cream cone while sitting under the stars next to a colorfully lit fountain. On Saturdays, you and your family can join a fun run, catch one of the free concerts, or enjoy an al fresco breakfast at any of the restaurants. That’s not all. The area is the perfect place for playdates. Invite your kids’ friends over to swim in the condo pool, have lunch at the numerous family-friendly restaurants, or bike at the park. While the kids have fun, you and your co-parents can chat over coffee, go window-shopping, or get a massage at a prestigious spa.

Kids will always be safe Let’s be honest: the news stories have most of us too scared to let kids out of our homes. However, the Fort is safer than most areas in Manila. Residential condos have the benefit of in-house security. Furthermore, Bonifacio Global City is well-lit and well-developed. There are no rundown alleys or questionable establishments — you know what we mean — that often set the stage for the crimes we see on TV. Your kids can play outdoors in the daytime, and your husband can drive home late at night, without you wringing your hands in worry.

Mom and dad are home earlier! The one thing kids want most in the world is more time with their parents. The Fort is is the city’s newest central business district, so if you work in that area, you won’t be stuck on the road for hours during the notorious rush hour. You can have a more leisurely breakfast with them, take them to school, and be back early enough in the evening to help them with homework or play with them before dinner time. If you happen to work within Global City — a big possibility, since more and more companies are setting office there — you can even visit them during your lunch break. Those moments are priceless! These are just some of the reasons why your kids will love living at The Fort. The best thing about it is that they will continue to enjoy its benefits even when they’ve grown up. When they’ve graduated, they’ll appreciate how easy it will be to live so close to their office. You can even invest in another unit, which they can turn into their “bachelor pad” and share with friends — they’ll be living on their own, but still close enough for you to enjoy frequent family dinners. Statistics show that land and property values in the Fort have been on the constant increase – after all it is a prime location, and Megaworld has a solid reputation. Decades from now, they will be proud owners of one of the best homes in the city. That’s one legacy that they will always be thankful for, surpassed only by the joy for having a very happy childhood growing up at The Fort.

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