5 Reasons Why Cebu is the best place in the Philippines to Live, Work, Play, and Learn

best reasons to go to Cebu

When the beach, good food and entertainment are all within a short distance of each other, you know you have a great place to live in. But Cebu is not only a vacation mecca, it’s also a bustling economic center that is driving opportunities and development in the South. There really is no better place to live, work, play and learn.

World class beaches and water activities

Sumilon, Bantayan, Malapascua – these are just a few of the beaches found in Cebu. From whale-watching to diving to kite surfing, there are tons of activities to cater to all kinds of folks. Traveling on a budget, or planning to splurge a little? That’s not a problem with several Hostels, Boutique Hotels and Luxury Resorts, like those found in the The Mactan Newtown, providing both immediate and permanent accommodation to suit you and your family’s needs.

A gastronomical adventure for the “Foodie” in you

Home to gastronomical feasts of lechon, danggit, dried mango, and chicharon-and that’s not counting their other delicacies! Cebuanos inherently love good food so it’s no surprise that it is abound in the province. Whether you prefer sweating it out at Larsian’s, a hawker-type center offering the best of Cebu barbecue, or fine dining at the Abaseria Café and Deli, the choices are endless and guaranteed to make you want more.

Rich in history and cultural festivities

No shortage of history here, with the infamous encounter of Magellan and Lapu Lapu, you’re standing on grounds that witnessed our struggle with Spanish colonization, and eventually, liberation. The remnants of Cebu’s rich history are very much apparent walking around Magellan’s cross, Lapu Lapu shrine, Colon street – the oldest and shortest national road in the country, and Fort San Pedro.

Possibly the most obvious manifestation of Cebu’s history is the still-ongoing and much-awaited Sinulog Festival that runs on the third Sunday of January. This yearly event commemorates the acceptance of Christianity, the main highlight of which is a day-long street parade bringing together not only the locals, but thousands of visitors from all over the country and across the globe.

Boundless career opportunities

Cebu is not all play, it’s also one of the most established economic centers outside of Metro Manila. That being said, Cebu is host to a number of growing industries from real estate, business process outsourcing, information technology and furniture-making. Cebu also has one of the busiest international airports and extensive port facilities in the country, enabling continuous business growth and expansion. With its high economic indicators and booming industries, there are numerous career opportunities available not only to fresh graduates, but also to the more experienced and specialized professionals. Small and Medium Enterprises are also thriving and encouraging a new breed of entrepreneurs.

With these career opportunities, let’s also not forget the home front. You’ll find that Cebu also has a lot to offer on the residential side, at the forefront of which is the new township project of Megaworld, combining condominiums, commercial and academic centers, and luxury resorts into one, making it truly a lifestyle haven.

A beautiful culture

There’s a reason why tourism and real estate are such booming industries in Cebu. While there is no question on the beauty of its natural surroundings, it is ultimately the people that make it all the more special. A laid-back, extremely talented people, Cebuanos are well known for their hospitality and warmth. Locals from other parts of the country, Foreigners and Expats will find this especially endearing as they explore the province, and make this charming place their home.

Author: Megaworld at the Fort


Megaworld is the country’s leading residential condominium developer and pioneer of the LIVE-WORK-PLAY-LEARN-SHOP township concept.

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