5 Excellent Reasons to Retire in the Philippines


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Here are some great reasons why the Philippines continues to be one of the top retirement destinations in the world.

Affordable real estate

There are plenty of real estate options to suit your tastes, needs, and lifestyle. Whether you want a spacious detached house or a contemporary condominium, finding the perfect dwelling is never a problem with the booming real estate industry. Megaworld Corporation, the country’s leading real estate developer, helped transform the landscape of Metro Manila and played a significant role in turning it into an urban oasis retirees can enjoy.

If you want to live close to the pulsating heart of the city, our communities in The Fort are an ideal choice. McKinley Hill is a 50-hectare township with detached homes, mid- and high-rise condominiums located in close proximity to offices and commercial centers.  The township’s design is heavily inspired by European cities, not just in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of convenience. Your home is just a short walk away from a selection of exciting restaurants and retail shops. If you plan on doing business during your retirement years, you can set up shop in one of the many office buildings in the area. Towering luxury condominiums surround the township center, allowing you a stunning view of the city lights at night.

Those who prefer living in a suburban-type setup will find McKinley West to their liking. This exclusive gated community is a sprawling neighborhood that only has 239 prime residential lots available to a select few. This guarantees privacy and peace in your villa while being within reach of modern conveniences.

The clean streets and modern architecture of McKinley Hill may seem a little intimidating and expensive at first. However, many expatriates and balikbayans find it affordable to purchase property here  with their retirement savings. For the price of a tiny one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles or New York, you can purchase a spacious three-bedroom unit at a luxury condominium’s highest floors. Easy payment schemes allow you to space out your expenses, giving you enough money to live the rest of the month in absolute comfort.

Megaworld Corporation helped transform the landscape of Metro Manila and played a significant role in turning it into an urban oasis retirees can enjoy.

Low cost of living

Thanks to the low cost of living and favorable exchange rate, you can stretch your retirement savings without sacrificing your quality of life.  Your monthly expenses for food, transportation, and utilities can be met for less than $2,000. You can even hire a live-in driver and household help to run the household without breaking the back.

While you certainly have to make adjustments for family size, immigration fees, and other expenses, you don’t have to blow your entire pension plan just to live the good life in the Philippines.

Food and lifestyle

Unlike our neighboring Asian countries, there are plenty of family-style and fine-dining Western restaurants to choose from in Manila. Dining out also costs far less than it would in other countries. For retirees who like to indulge in their sense of taste, we recommend that you purchase a home in a planned community like ours so you don’t have to travel far to reach the nearest upscale mall.

There are plenty of family-style and fine-dining Western restaurants to choose from in Manila.

Medical and health services

Retirees are naturally concerned about spending their twilight years in good health.  The healthcare and medical facilities in the Philippines are just as good, or even better, than most retirees’ countries of origin. Private hospitals are equipped with comfortable beds and the latest in medical technology, while doctors and nurses often receive training abroad and are affiliated with international medical associations. Additionally, Filipino hospitality translates well to medical care. Should you find yourself in a hospital, you can relax knowing that you’re in capable and compassionate hands.

Beautiful tourist destinations

The Philippine archipelago is rich in biodiversity and natural wonders. If you find yourself thirsty for adventure and dying to get out of the city, you have plenty of stunning destinations to explore. From tropical white sand beaches to verdant mountains and picturesque lakes, each of the country’s 7,000 islands offers a unique piece of island paradise.

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