4 Best Places to Buy a Condo in Metro Manila


It’s hard enough to spend 9-12 hours at the office, worse still if you start and end your work day with a one-hour drive or longer. In fact, a recent study showed that a lengthy and stressful commute time found that the longer people drive to work, the worse off their cardiovascular health is. Long commutes have also been found to have a negative impact on marriages and relationships.

If you’re shopping for houses or condos in the Philippines, it makes sense to be strategic about its location. What this means is that your dream home should be at most 30 minutes away from where you work and play. While properties in these areas cost far more than those in the suburbs or outskirts of Metro Manila, the premium rate is worth it. Not only will the quality of your life greatly improve when you live within or in close proximity to business districts; your property’s real estate values will rise in time and become a profitable investment should you decide to sell your place and move somewhere else in the future.

Here are four places in Metro Manila whose convenient locations promise fantastic work-life balance .

Fort Bonifacio

If there’s one area that truly nurtures your ability to work, play, and live, it’s Fort Bonifacio. With well-planned roads, bustling high streets, modern office blocks, and international schools, this area is designed to be an ideal community where families and hip young urbanites can enjoy life in the city. Many of Metro Manila’s trendiest shops, restaurants, and bars are just a leisurely walk away from office buildings and condominiums. Living in the Fort is a lot like living in an urban oasis – lively, clean, and safe.

There are plenty of imaginative living options to choose from in this area. Singles and young couples have an assortment of mid-, high-rise, and luxury condominiums to choose from. Families who want to raise their kids in a sprawling suburban environment also have the option of buying detached houses in exclusive gated neighborhoods. All these residential communities have complete access to city facilities, and are a short walk or drive away from the multinational companies, call centers, and IT companies that have set up office in the Fort’s business hubs.

One of the most prominent properties at The Fort that is helping drive up property values in the area are Megaworld Properties’ ambitious real estate developments. The country’s leading real estate company has been developing various projects within the area that address various segments in the upscale market, giving a level of flexibility and choice for people looking to buy property at The Fort. Megaworld’s various real estate developments within the Fort are all strategically located, making it extremely ideal for families and young professionals.

Megaworld properties are helping drive up property values at The Fort.

Eastwood City

Eastwood City boasts of 18 hectares of prime property and is known as Metro Manila’s first ever IT park. Currently serving as a prime hub for call centers and business process outsourcing companies, this city within a city also has amenities and facilities for working, living, shopping, and playing. There are now 15 luxury condominium towers surrounding a vibrant town square and an upscale shopping center with specialty shops and modern cinemas. There’s even a quaint little Catholic church tucked in a quiet corner of Eastwood, and another one just right outside. Those who are lucky enough to live and work in Eastwood take no longer than 10 minutes to go to the office.

Makati Central Business District

Makati is has been the center of serious business activity for decades, and is still home to some of the world’s largest corporations from various industries. Properties for sale in the Central Business District (CBD) are among the most highly desired by businessmen and expatriates because of their proximity to the city’s towering skyscrapers and lifestyle malls.

Besides being able to work, shop, and party just a few blocks from home, there are many benefits to living in the CBD. The Makati police and fire department are the most disciplined and efficient in the country, and their health care program provides subsidized hospitalization and free outpatient services to residents.

While the cost of living is a lot higher compared to other areas of the city, its properties have high value and never depreciate. Should you decide to sell or rent the place, you won’t have a hard time finding trustworthy buyers and occupants.

Ortigas Center

Strategically located at the center of Metro Manila, Ortigas Center is a self-sustaining metropolis and the second largest business hub. Three of the city’s most visited malls are located within walking distance from each other, while headquarters of local and multinational companies are found just around the block. Property management companies will tell you that living at Ortigas comes at a more affordable price than Makati or the Fort, while still providing the perks of a well-planned city. Even if you work in Makati or the Fort, living in Ortigas guarantees a fairly easy commute because of its accessibility to EDSA, C5, and two MRT stations.

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